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4 Strategies for Cooking in Your RV Kitchen

As nice as a fully furnished RV is, you won’t have as much access to kitchen space or functionality as you would at home. In particular, your storage space for cooking supplies is significantly limited. However, this doesn’t mean you have to resort to making sandwiches for every meal. With a little creativity, you can adapt delicious and affordable meals to an RV cooking environment.

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RV Cooking Strategies

Your RV kitchen’s small size restricts how much you can bring and what you can do, but you can easily find solutions. Make the most of the counter space and storage space you do have. For best results, try one of these solutions:

  1. Buy cookware carefully
  2. Plan your meals
  3. Bring storage for leftovers 
  4. Clean up afterward

1) Buy Cookware Carefully

Remember, you don’t have a lot of space to store your pots and pans. An 18-piece cooking set will probably just take up more room than you need. Instead, invest in a few high-quality pieces of cooking equipment, including a crockpot if you know you’ll have long-term access to power. Buy cookware that you know you’ll use regularly and have room to store.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget a quality knife and cutting board for your RV kitchen!

2) Plan Your Meals

To avoid spending too much time wondering what to cook, write up a detailed meal plan ahead of time and decide what equipment you’ll need to make everything. Buy the ingredients you need in the right amounts you’ll need. Finally, if you can do any prep ahead of time (such as chopping vegetables for soup), take advantage of your spare time prior to the camping trip and save yourself some work later.

3) Bring Storage for Leftovers

If you have a place to store them, leftovers on camping trips can reduce the need to spend a long time cooking. Make sure you have room in the fridge to keep the leftovers fresh for the next meal! Use up all your food and save time.

4) Clean Up Afterward

As cliche as it may sound, don’t forget to wash the dishes after you cook and serve dinner. Not only will dirty dishes attract bugs and start to smell, but in an RV’s small space, you may run out of room to cook if the dishes keep piling up. Keep your kitchen clean to ensure a comfortable RV cooking experience.

Using Your RV Kitchen

Your RV kitchen is designed to allow you as much cooking freedom as possible in such a small space. You may have to get creative for a few things, but don’t let the limited space or functionality stop you from cooking a tasty meal.

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