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5 Things to Do When Storing Your RV

Nothing is more heartbreaking than storing an RV, especially in the winter months when you have to stay indoors. Your RV will remain parked for many months as you wait for the weather to be conducive. What matters now is how you’ll store the RV for that long.

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What needs to be done before storing your RV? 

Before you store your RV, you must ensure that everything is right because it will stay in the garage for a few months. You can’t just park the RV without doing some necessary maintenance. Failing to store an RV in good shape can be costly.

  1. Checking the Propane
  2. Preventing Rodents
  3. Protecting the Tires
  4. Plumbing Care
  5. Remove Items

1) Checking the Propane

Whenever you are storing your RV, you must disconnect all the propane tanks so long as the RV’s refrigerator is not working. Also, you should close the propane on/off valves to prevent the flammable gas from leaking, which could be dangerous.

2) Preventing Rodents

Rodents are very destructive and can ruin your plans when not kept away from your RV. Mice and other rodents can quickly destroy your motorhome or travel trailer because they eat everything, including wires. They’ll even leave urine and feces everywhere.

3) Protecting the Tires

Consider covering all of them to protect your RV tires because UV rays can deteriorate the tires if not covered. But if the storage provides a complete cover to the RV, you may get away without covering your RV tires. Also, don’t park the RV tires on dirt.

4) Plumbing Care

Are you storing your RV in a place that cools below freezing point? If so, you will have to winterize your RV pipes or drain them. Otherwise, you might end up with cracked and leaking pipes. Thankfully, most RV manufacturers provide manuals for plumbing care.

5) Remove Items

When storing an RV, remove all the things that could attract rodents, including foods, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and empty bottles. Also, remove items that can get damaged when frozen. You should also remove the battery and unload the fridge and freezer. 

Pro Tips for Storing Your RV

Storing an RV is one of the trickiest practices, especially if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, we’ve shared a few tips to help you keep your recreational vehicle in good shape during storage. For example, remember to turn off the propane tanks, keep rodents away, protect the tires, and winterize your pipes.

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