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Dewinterizing Your RV for Spring Break

Spring break is a popular time for road trips and camping with family and good friends. Before you jump into your travel trailer to take it on the road this spring, you’ll need to be sure it has been de-winterized. What are some important steps to consider to get your camper ready to go?

It’s important to make sure your camper trailer is de-winterized and ready to go for the next camping season. Before hitting the road this spring, your travel trailer will need to have its tires checked, battery charged and ready, and water system flushed after being adapted for the winter. 

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Check the Tires

Check the tire pressure on each of your RV’s wheels. You can find the correct tire pressure on your RV’s manual. Check the tread of the tire for any wear and cracks. Don’t skip this step if you want to avoid a blowout! Check the spare tire as well if your RV has one.

Charge the Battery

Charging the batteries isn’t a step you want to skip when de-winterizing your RV. Remove the winter covers from the RV’s exterior and leave the battery charger in the off position while you connect it to the RV charger. Connect the red cable to the red indicator, and the black cable to the black indicator. Make sure your voltage is set to 12 volts and turn the power on to charge.

Flush the Water System

You’ll need to flush the RV’s water system of non-toxic RV antifreeze that was added for winterizing. Attach a garden hose from a water faucet to the RV’s water hookup and open all the faucets. Let the hose run fresh water through the system and flush out any impurities. You’ll want it to run for at least 10 minutes to make sure the water runs clear. 

Pro Tip: Once the water lines are flushed, you will need to dump the RV’s water tanks at an official dump station and then refill with fresh water. 

Spring is (Almost) in the Air

Take care of your RV after the winter season to prevent any mishaps on the road this spring. Remember to bring your camper in for service regularly to make sure it’s running smoothly. 

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