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How to Set Up a Safe RV Camp

As an RV enthusiast, you must understand how to set up a safe RV camp to make your trips safer and more enjoyable. Your safety matters greatly in RV camping, especially when visiting a remote area with few amenities or a slower emergency response. You need to set up your RV the safest way, regardless of the type of RV you use to camp. 

Before you go camping in an RV, you must ensure that you pack all the safety accessories you may need. For example, you need a surge protector to protect your RV electronics and appliances from electrical surges. You must also pick the safest RV camping site to avoid thieves and burglars.

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Here are the tips and ideas to set up a safe RV camp during your RV trips.

Pick the Right Site and Set Up Your Hookups 

Make sure that you choose the right campground site or shelter for you. The campsite should also have vital amenities you’ll need for comfortable camping. Ensure that the campsite has essential hookups, including water, electricity, and sewage, unless you decide to go for RV boondocking.

Food and Fire Safety

Remember to pack your food well when camping in an RV rather than leaving it out on your picnic tables. Leaving food everywhere on the campsite can attract wildlife, and that is dangerous. If you cook outdoors, ensure that the fires are far from tent walls, trees, and shrubs by around 15 feet. Keep the fire small and contained in an area.

Health Safety: Sun and Bug Protection

Your health also matters when camping in your RV. Protect your skin from burns by UV rays by staying under a shade, wearing sunglasses, and wearing a hat. You can also apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your skin to prevent sunburns. Another crucial health practice is to protect yourself from bugs. Apply bug repellants to keep away bugs.

Stay Safe, Be Alert, and Have Fun! 

Now that you know how to set up a safe RV camp pack all safety camping accessories before leaving for the trip. These include water pressure regulators, a tank valve, and a water hose. If your RV has a black tank, carry sewer hoses to make sewer connections when emptying the tank. Most importantly, stay safe as you have fun at the campsite.

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