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7 RV Terms and Definitions to Know

If you are new to the RV world, you might find most RV terms and definitions confusing, and that’s not a good thing for an RVer. You need to know all the terminologies used in RVing before you hit the road. This guide will help you understand the terms.

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What are some basic RV terms you should know?

Nothing is more embarrassing than heading to a campsite without an idea of how things work in the RV world. You’ll end up scratching your head when your RV neighbor mentions terms you don’t understand.

  1. Dry Camping
  2. Boondocking 
  3. Fiver
  4. Gray Water
  5. Black Water
  6. Self Contained
  7. GVWR

1) Dry Camping

It is when you go camping without any hookup. In other words, there’s no access to an external source of electricity, water, or a sewer connection. Dry camping is the biggest part of knowing what an RV got built for and can help you explore beautiful campsites.

2) Boondocking

Boondocking means the same thing as dry camping but is mainly associated with camping in remote areas that don’t charge any campsite accommodation fee. However, you can also boondock in a different location, such as the wilderness.

3) Fiver

Fiver doesn’t necessarily mean a five-dollar bill. Instead, it’s a slang term for a fifth-wheel travel trailer. It’s easier to mention “fiver” than a “fifth-wheel travel trailer.”

4) Gray Water

Gray water refers to the soapy water from sinks and showers and doesn’t contain any human waste. As a result, it is legal to dump it on the ground in some states. However, some experts don’t recommend that due to the chemicals present in detergents.

5) Black Water

Now that you know what gray water is, you can tell what’s left, and it’s the wastewater in the black water tank. It contains human waste that disappears down the toilet. Notably, Most RVs have opaque sewer hoses and rubber gloves to make dumping easy.

6) Self Contained 

A self-contained RV is an RV with indoor plumbing equipment, unlike small pop-up campervans and campers that sometimes have exterior toilets and kitchen facilities.

7) GVWR 

GVWR is an acronym for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. It is the maximum allowable load your vehicle can ferry, including passengers and cargo. For this reason, it’s essential to keep the weight down to avoid penalties.

Becoming Familiar With RV Terms and Lingo

You are now familiar with the common RV terms and definitions. So, you can feel more comfortable when you go camping. Besides reading this guide, you’ll learn more terms used in RVing when interacting with veteran RV full-timers during your trips.

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