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Creating the Perfect Family Camping Checklist

Getting ready to go on your next camping adventure means needing all the right supplies before you hit the road. You’ll need all the necessary camping gear and essentials to keep you comfortable and safe during your family camping trip. 

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What’s a good checklist to have for your next family camping trip?

You’ll want to start by choosing a date to go camping on, inviting your closest friends, and getting your gear ready to go. Whether you’re taking your car trailer or car camping, you’ll also need to prepare food for your camp’s on-the-go kitchen. 

  1. Date Your Calendar
  2. Invite Some Friends
  3. Prepare Your Gear
  4. Prepare Camp Kitchen

1) Date Your Calendar

For campers, few things are more frustrating than finding out your favorite camping spot is completely booked. Waiting until the last minute to schedule or failing to reserve a space at all can leave you without a place to set up for the night. Choose your date well in advance and call ahead to reserve your place. Don’t forget to get the same dates off from work or school too! Make sure to keep everyone in the loop of when you’ll be on your camping trip.

2) Invite Some Friends

Why not bring some friends along? A chance to enjoy nature with another family sounds very relaxing. Reach out to your friends and family to see who’d like to accompany you. More importantly, contact the RV park to see if large groups are permitted. Many camping sites have restrictions on group sizes on top of the limitations imposed by COVID-19.

3) Prepare Your Gear

What sort of supplies will you need? Depending on your planned activities and the time of year, the checklist of essential items will change. Stock up on nonperishable trail snacks, medical supplies, seasonal clothes, sunscreen, bug repellant, and other non-negotiables first.

Next, consider your itinerary. Will you be spending a lot of time in or near water, for example? What about hiking in the forest? Consider more activity-specific items like vacuum-sealed water bottles, mini electric fans, swimming towels, moisture-wicking clothes, and similar supplies.

Pro Tip: Bringing your pet on your camping adventure? They need to eat too! Pack enough pet food and any medications to last the whole camping trip.

4) Prepare the Camp’s Kitchen

Kitchen preparations are twofold. First of all, examine your RV kitchen and make sure you have enough pots and pans, dishes, cups, silverware, and cooking utensils. Replace anything that’s missing or damaged. Additionally, remember that you’ll have the chance to cook over an open fire at the campgrounds! S’mores sticks and a cast-iron skillet give you more options for cooking outdoors.

Secondly, plan your meals. Determine what you want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every day and write up a shopping list. Whatever preparations you can do ahead of time, such as chopping vegetables or seasoning meat, will save you time and effort once you’re at the campsite.

Checklist for the Perfect Family Camping Trip

Your perfect summer camping trip will depend on who you go with and the beautiful sites you want to see. Don’t forget to plan accordingly for your trip with the essentials you need to keep cool in the summer heat! 

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