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Your Complete Fifth Wheel Inspection Checklist

A fifth-wheel inspection checklist is an essential tool for anyone who wants to buy a fifth-wheel travel trailer. It helps you ensure that every part of the trailer is in perfect working condition, including the tires, slides, doors, and interior parts. Failure to inspect the fifth-wheel trailer before buying it can be very costly in the long run, and you don’t want that.

What does a fifth-wheel inspection checklist cover? Well, the primary function of the checklist is to ensure that everything in the fifth-wheel trailer works perfectly, both the exterior and interior components. As a result, it ensures that your family enjoys a safe ride during a road trip. The checklist also protects your investment.

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Here are the dimensional factors to inspect.

  • Weight: Check the trailer’s overall weight plus all the equipment you intend to carry. The total weight must not exceed your tow vehicle’s capability.
  • Floorplan: Since fifth-wheel trailers have several floorplan options, ensure you choose an option that suits your needs. It should accommodate the entire family.
  • Capacities: Check the water tank capacity if it’s enough for your trip without running out. That is very crucial when planning a boondock.
  • Exterior Dimensions: What’s the trailer’s width, length, height, and ground clearance? These dimensions help you determine the correct parking space.


Here are some of the exterior components to inspect.

  • Slides: Confirm if all the slides are working correctly by sliding them in and out several times. Ensure both the automatic and manual operation works well.
  • Walls: Are there any signs of leaks on the walls? To find out, check if the surface is damaged or deteriorating. Look for dents, oversprays, and color irregularities.
  • Doors: Try opening and closing all the doors to ensure they work properly. All of them should lock and unlock without any resistance.
  • Roof: Another crucial part to inspect is the roof. So, check if there are cracks on the trailer’s roof. Also, pay more attention to the joints between roof panels.
  • Wheels and Tires: They are the most vital parts of a trailer. For this reason, you must ensure that the tire pressure and wheels are in good working condition.
  • Propane Tanks: Ensure that the propane tanks have shutoff valves that work well. Also, the gauge should reflect the actual amount of propane in the tanks. 


Here are some interior components to inspect in a 5th wheel trailer.

  • Lights: All the lights in the trailer need to work efficiently. So, don’t forget to test all the lights even when inspecting the trailer during the day.
  • Furniture: Kindly check all the furniture in the trailer to ensure they are in perfect condition. Try to fold and unfold all the fold-out beds to ensure they work.
  • Blinds & Windows: Try to open and close all the windows and blinds on the RV. Ensure that the blinds are well-fitted and their valences straight and secure.
  • Safety Equipment: As you inspect the trailer, don’t forget the safety equipment, including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, CO detectors, and propane alarms.
  • Water System: Check if the water pump supplies water to all faucets in the fifth-wheel trailer. Also, ensure that the freshwater tank and water heater work well.
  • Bathrooms: Ensure that all the toilets are clean and flush properly. Also, ensure that the drainage system in the bathroom is functioning properly.

Getting A Professional Fifth Wheel Inspection

With this fifth wheel inspection checklist, you can be sure that your investment is safe, especially when buying a used RV. The bottom line is to check for all signs of damage on the exterior and interior parts of the RV. Thankfully, we can help you with full-service RV inspections and more.

Contact us today for a professional fifth wheel inspection.