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Camping Food Hacks You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Preparing camping meals is already a pretty simple affair requiring little work at the campsite. However, some staple meals still present a bit of a challenge. A few camping food hacks will help you keep effort and cleanup to a minimum so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors on your camping trip.

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Make an Easy Meal Even Easier

Before you leave on your next camping trip, set aside some time for make-ahead preparations for meals. The more time you can dedicate to preparing early, the more time you’ll have on your trip. These simple but brilliant camp cooking hacks are sure to make your life easier:

  1. Eggs in a bottle
  2. Toast in aluminum foil
  3. Pancake batter in a bag
  4. Baking in a cast-iron skillet 
  5. Coffee filter “tea bags”
  6. Seasoning in straws
  7. Roast desserts like marshmallows

1) Eggs in a Bottle

Beat your eggs ahead of time and store them in a water bottle. When it’s time to make breakfast or add eggs to another dish, just open the bottle and pour in what you need! This saves you the trouble of cracking eggs or washing dishes afterward.

2) Toast in Aluminum Foil

A sure-fire way to cook in hot coals is to wrap the food in aluminum foil first. Why not give that method a try with this twist on French toast? Make these ahead of time for a quick hot breakfast in the morning. Depending on your exact ingredient choices, you may not even have to refrigerate this!

3) Pancake Batter in a Bag

Similar to storing beaten eggs in a bottle, pre-making pancake batter is a great way to have exactly what you need for breakfast without all the hassle of mixing it up. Fill up a resealable plastic bag with a few servings. When you’re ready, just snip off a corner of the bag and squeeze the batter into the pan or waffle iron. You may need to keep this premade recipe cold, but it still provides you with a tasty breakfast in record time.

4) Baking in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Perhaps the most versatile piece of cooking equipment every RV owner should buy is a cast-iron skillet. Not only can you cook on the stove with an iron pan, but you can set it directly in a campfire for a less conventional way of cooking. You can even use it as a baking pan for multiple recipes:

5) Coffee Filter “Tea Bags”

There’s no better way to start the morning than with a hot cup of coffee, but not everyone wants to bring a coffee machine camping with them. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your favorite grounds at home. Place a scoop or two of coffee into an unused coffee filter and tie it off with kitchen-safe string. Now you have a coffee bag! Make your morning coffee the same way you’d make tea.

6) Seasoning in Straws

Everyone likes a little salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, or other flavors in their meals. Save yourself some dishes and space by storing the perfect amounts of these ingredients in plastic drinking straws. Melt the ends shut with a lighter to make sure nothing leaks out. This is a definite way to bring exactly the right amount without making a mess or taking up too much room! Just don’t forget to label your straws.

7) Roast Desserts Like Marshmallows

For foods like cinnamon rolls, as long as they’re thoroughly cooked, it doesn’t matter how they’re prepared. Open a tube of cinnamon rolls and stick them on the end of a roasting stick like marshmallows to roast over the campfire. You’ll enjoy warm, smoky cinnamon rolls cooked to perfection!

Pro Tip: You can cook almost any pre-prepared grocery store dessert by roasting it on a stick over the fire. Some campers have done this with cookie dough or crescent biscuits as well as cinnamon rolls.

Easy Camping Recipes

With a little planning ahead of time, it’s easy to make simple, nutritious camping meals the whole family will enjoy. Make the whole process easy on yourself with these genius camping food hacks to reduce cleanup time and make campfire cooking fun.

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