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Gourmet Camping Recipes for Food Lovers

What happens when a chef goes camping? They invent some of the most delicious, camping-friendly recipes ever written. For any camper with a taste for gourmet meals, these tasty dishes give you the chance to cook and eat like a professional chef on your next RV trip.

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Gourmet Cooking on the Go

These recipes combine ahead-of-time preparations with fireside cooking for a truly unique gourmet experience. Regardless of dietary restrictions, you and your family can find something to love in the variety of ingredients and cooking styles these recipes have to offer.

  1. Chilli lime roasted corn on the cob
  2. Pinnacles scrambled eggs
  3. Fire-roasted salad
  4. Grilled chicken and whiskey sauce
  5. Pre-prepared s’mores

1) Chilli Lime Roasted Corn on the Cob

Feed your love for fire-roasted corn on the cob with this tasty twist on an old recipe. With a little prep time before you leave for your trip, you’ll waste no time cooking this corn over an open fire. Get the full recipe here.

2) Pinnacles Scrambled Eggs

Featured on the brunch menu at Annie Somerville’s Greens Restaurant, this mouth-watering brunch food is sure to turn heads. Get the full recipe here.

3) Fire-Roasted Salad

With a blend of flavors ranging from bell peppers to red wine vinegar and mint leaves, this hearty salad gives you all the delicious tastes you crave without sacrificing nutrition. Get the full recipe here.

4) Grilled Chicken and Whiskey Sauce

Need a creative excuse to bring whiskey on your camping trip? Make a sauce out of it and brush it over a chicken leg for a truly unique flavor combination. Get the full recipe here.

5) Pre-Prepared S’mores

Make a s’more sandwich ahead of time, wrap in aluminum foil, and save for your campfire. When it’s time for a treat, just set the foil package on hot coals until it’s cooked to perfection!

Pro Tip: A lot of simple camping meals can be prepared ahead of time, wrapped in aluminum foil, and set in hot coals to heat up. Just don’t try cooking raw meat this way–your fire may not get hot enough.

Gourmet Meals on a Camping Trip

You can’t completely duplicate the full functionality of a kitchen when you go camping. However, you can create a pretty convincing substitute. With a little prior preparation and attention to your meals, you can easily continue enjoying your favorite gourmet meals on your next RV excursion.

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