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How Your RV Can Be Useful During Coronavirus

Many people have had to make a drastic change in their day to day lifestyle amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately for RV owners, a camper can be used in life-saving situations.

You can use your travel trailer as a family emergency vehicle for self-quarantine and escaping high-risk situations. #StayHomeStaySafe Click To Tweet

If you own a recreational vehicle, you can prepare for the coronavirus crisis by using your RV as a family emergency vehicle, to quarantine and provide medical care for sick family members, and to get away from areas that are high-risk to you and your family. 

As a Family Emergency Vehicle

You can continue staying inside and practicing social distancing while assisting an infected family member. Your travel trailer can be a family emergency vehicle for you to park outside of their home and maintain your distance while being able to provide them with medical supplies and food. Remember to disinfect accordingly when you return to the camper.

For Self-Quarantining

If someone in your household contracts the virus, your RV will come in handy as a comfortable quarantine spot for them. This way they can isolate themselves from the rest of the family and prevent the spread of infection. 

To Avoid Coronavirus

Make sure your vehicle is stocked up on food, medicine, and other crucial supplies as you prepare for a long stay to stay safe. Some full-time RVers might already be situated at a campsite that’s a potential risk to their health. Develop a well-rounded game plan and use your RV to get somewhere safe and away from others. 

Pro Tip: Now isn’t the time to be going on a road trip — traveling with your camper means you’ll need rest stops and convenience stores for supplies, which won’t be available during the coronavirus pandemic.

Using Your RV to Stay Safe

A strategically prepared RV can be a lifesaver during the coronavirus pandemic. Use it when you need to self-quarantine, get away from a high-risk situation, or care for a family member from a distance.

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