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All About New and Used Fifth Wheels

When investing in an RV, most campers will often contemplate the price of new and used fifth wheels. The former is usually costly because it’s brand new. You will be the first person to drive it with all the features and systems functioning well. Also, new fifth wheels tend to have the latest features like pre-installed solar systems.

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But why would someone buy a used fifth wheel instead of a new one? Purchasing a pre-owned fifth-wheel trailer can help you save thousands of dollars. Although used fifth wheels are not cheap, they are generally less costly than their brand-new counterparts. However, too old used fifth wheels can be expensive to repair.

What is a fifth-wheel trailer? 

A fifth-wheel trailer has a robust fifth wheel hitch that allows heavy loads to get pulled by a tow vehicle. The U-shaped hitch that sits on the bed of a pickup truck connects to the trailer via its “king-pin.” Fifth-wheel trailers usually have more rooms, more sleeping space, and luxury amenities. Some have multiple slide-outs to create more space.

Installing a new fifth wheel hitch 

Installing a fifth wheel hitch is an easy task, especially if you have all the essential tools and hardware. But first, you have to ensure that you have the right hitch for your tow vehicle. The truck’s towing capacity should also accommodate the trailer’s weight. Check the manufacturer’s guide for installation instructions.

In a nutshell, we’ll look at the general instructions for installing a fifth-wheel hitch.

  • Raise the tow truck using jack stands and allow it to settle completely
  • Find the truck bed’s center where you’ll fix the hitch for even weight distribution
  • Make essential modifications, such as cutting the truck’s bumper
  • Remove any plastic lining on the truck’s bed, if available
  • Drill the required number of holes on the truck’s bed, if necessary
  • Drill bolts to attach brackets for the rails and anchor the rails to the frame
  • Assemble the hitch on the rails using the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Align the fifth wheel hitch above the rails and secure it using your hardware
  • Install electronic components like the brake controller

Remodeling an older fifth wheel 

If you resolve to buy an older fifth wheel, you can remodel it to fulfill your specific needs and make it feel like home. Consider redesigning the trailer’s interior by remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and upgrading the walls. You can also give the trailer a new look by applying fresh, new paint on the exterior wall.


Both new and used fifth wheels can last longer when properly maintained. Whether you invest in a new or old fifth wheel, ensure that you know how to install a fifth-wheel hitch. With such skills at hand, you’ll make your RV experience memorable. At Camperland, we offer both new and used fifth wheels for sale.

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