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How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch

Do you know how to install a fifth wheel hitch to no avail? The installation process is a detailed one, but it is easy to go through if you can follow instructions keenly. With a complete 5th wheel hitch installation kit and accurate instructions, you will have a successful DIY installation.

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How do you install a fifth wheel hitch to your tow vehicle?

Installing a fifth wheel hitch involves removing the spare tire, measuring the exact position the holes need to be drilled, making holes into the truck bed, and positioning the rear fifth wheel rail, among others. Here’s a stepwise guide on how to handle a successful installation of a fifth wheel. If you need to get through the installation successfully, then follow these steps below. 

  1. Remove Spare Tire
  2. Position Front Base Rail
  3. Mark Drill Locations
  4. Line Up the Pilot Hole
  5. Enlarge the Bolt Holes
  6. Underbed Brackets
  7. Bolt Down 5th Wheel Rail
  8. Measure Hitch Height
  9. Attach the Legs
  10. Position Rear Rail
  11. Drill Rear Base Rail Holes
  12. Bolt Down Rear Base Rail
  13. Install Remaining Bolts
  14. Torque Your Hardware
  15. Reinstall Fifth Wheel Hitch

1) Remove Spare Tire

Ensure you can easily access your truck bed’s underbelly, then create more space by removing the spare tire. As you continue with the process, you could create more space by removing the heat shield or other components for an easier working process.

2) Position Front Base Rail

This step involves putting the base rail that will come closest to the truck cab into position. To measure the correct distance, use the instructions manual that comes with the hitch.

3) Mark Drill Locations

Use a paint pen to mark the points you will be placing the bolt holes. Then use a center punch one of the drill locations and make a pilot hole through the mark.

4) Line Up the Pilot Hole

Bring the appropriate under-bed 5th wheel bracket in alignment with the pilot hole location you drilled. Mark the remaining hole locations and drill them following the 3rd step above.

5) Enlarge the Bolt Holes

Drill out the pilot holes using a step bit until they are sizeable enough to accommodate the 5th wheel rails’ bolts. 

6) Underbed Brackets

Bring on the underbed brackets on either side of the bed of your truck. Use the available nuts and bolts to fasten the brackets into position on the frame of the truck. 

7) Bolt Down 5th Wheel Rail

Bring back the base rail over the befitting bolt hole locations and include a spacer if the truck has bed rails in the truck bed’s bottom. Insert the bolts through the holes and fasten them underneath the truck with the nuts provided.

8) Measure Hitch Height

Park your truck on a level surface and measure the height from the ground to the kingpin plate. Then measure the height to the top of the open tailgate of your truck from the ground. The required height is the difference between these two measurements.

9) Attach the Legs

Look for the correct mounting holes in the 5th wheel hitch head and position the legs into the head and fasten them in place using the bolts provided.

10) Position Rear Rail

Bring someone to help you lift the 5th wheel hitch into place. Then install the legs into the base rail that you already installed. Bring into position the second base rail tracing the correct location with the leg anchors on the fifth wheel hitch.

11) Drill Rear Base Rail Holes

Once you have located the base rail holes’ perfect location, repeat the drilling process in steps 3 and 4 above to drill the holes.

12) Bolt Down Rear Base Rail

Insert the bolts provided down the holes you already drilled and fasten them from beneath the truck bed as you did in step 7 above.

13) Install Remaining Bolts

If any bolts remain uninstalled, you can fasten them as supplemental bolts on the 5th wheel to increase strength and security.

14) Torque Your Hardware

Tighten all the bolts using a torque wrench that perfectly fits the bolts. Use torque sizes that correspond to the bolts you are fastening.

15) Reinstall Fifth Wheel Hitch

Bring the 5th wheel hitch assembly back in place, laying it into the base rails you’ve fully installed. Before you hitch up to tow, ensure all the necessary pins and necessary components are installed.

Installing Your Fifth Wheel Hitch

Every installation process is crucial and important to be followed exhaustively. Since you already know how to install a fifth wheel hitch, you can successfully proceed with the process. If you need professional help with the process,, you can book a service appointment at Camperland.

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