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What is a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

You are probably wondering, “What is a fifth-wheel trailer?” If you’re a newbie in the RV world, you might find it quite challenging to hit the road on a fifth-wheel trailer before you learn how it operates. A fifth-wheel trailer is a large travel trailer that needs a fifth wheel hitch to get towed. The trailer is heavy and requires a full-size, one-ton truck to tow it.

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If you love adventuring, a fifth-wheel travel trailer could be the perfect choice for your family. It’s among the most common RVs you’ll see on the road. The travel trailer offers a great balance of space, luxury, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for many RVers. Now, let’s look at why it is called a fifth-wheel trailer.

What is a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is a popular RV for many good reasons. The fifth-wheel trailers have more available rooms, luxury amenities, and more sleeping space, especially when they have multiple slide-outs. You can expand the space further after setting up a camp.

But why the name fifth-wheel trailer? In the 1800s, the horse-drawn carriages had a fifth wheel positioned horizontally to allow the front axle to pivot. Although today’s fifth-wheel setup is different from the old, the name has stuck around for many decades.

The present fifth-wheel trailers operate using a strong fifth wheel hitch, that is strong enough to allow heavier loads to get pulled. The U-shaped hitch sits on a pickup truck’s bed, where it connects to the trailer through its “king pin.”

What Can You Do with a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth-wheel trailer is a great option for families that love camping. It comes with all the amenities for a comfortable living, such as full-sized kitchens, a living area, washing machines, bathtubs, and many others. You can keep yourself and your children comfortable in a fifth-wheel travel trailer so long as you park it on the good camping ground.

Fifth wheel travel trailers provide both the flexibility of a towable vehicle and super-sized RVs’ luxury and comfort. They have multiple slide outs and extra-large interiors, providing a big living space for an entire family. Before opting for the travel trailer, you need to consider factors like your camping needs and your truck’s towing capacity.

Is the Fifth Wheel the Right RV for You?

A fifth wheel will be a great option if you need an RV with a large living space and already have a tow vehicle. Class A motorhomes also offer large spaces but are more expensive than the 5th wheels. With a fifth-wheel hitch, you can also pull other heavy loads such as large cargo trailers and horse trailers.

Finding the Perfect Fifth Wheel Trailer

What is a fifth-wheel trailer? Now that you understand the basics of how the fifth wheel trailers work, you can purchase one that fits your needs. Ensure that you perform maintenance practices regularly to keep the fifth wheel travel trailer in good shape.

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