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What is a Fifth Wheel?

When asked, “What is a fifth wheel,” you may get it wrong if you’ve never owned a fifth-wheel trailer. A fifth wheel is a type of camping or recreational vehicle (RV) whose body connects to the bed of the truck. Its living area is not one level because of the area at the front axle that fits over the tow vehicle.

A fifth wheel connects a cargo vehicle to the back of a pickup truck. It was made for horse-drawn carriages in the past, but today, it has a horizontal wheel at the front axle to pivot independently

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Characteristics of 5th Wheels

While the fifth wheel resembles the ancient horse-drawn carriages, there are differences in the characteristics and pros and cons. Some of the features of the wheel trailer are;

  • It has living spaces built on top of a frame
  • The living quarters are made of aluminum or wood, resembling a house
  • Some fifth wheels have a siding material made of fiberglass panels, and others have corrugated sheet metal
  • The travel trailers could have walls insulated with foam sheets or fiberglass
  • The small trucks have leak-resistant and long-lasting walls and roofs

Pros of Fifth Wheels

Before buying or hiring a fifth wheel, you must consider the pros and cons. These include affordability, comfort level, and budget. Some of the pros are;

  • The wheel hitches make movement easier because they facilitate turning. It comes in handy for people who don’t like tow trucks.
  • The wheels are sturdy and safe, even when moving at high speeds. With the well-shaped hitches, the semi-truck rarely sways. It also spreads the trailer’s entire weight.
  • The fifth wheels use less gas compared to class a motorhome. Although they carry heavy loads and use more fuel, they have lower usage rates which protect the environment.
  • The toy hauler can carry a large group of people, but you will require heavy-duty horsepower to pull the RV.

Cons of Fifth Wheels

Despite having good features and favorable benefits, a fifth wheel also has pros that you should consider before hiring or buying.

  • It requires a strong enough truck to tow the trailer, which is expensive to buy
  • The trailer requires ample storage space, which could be expensive to rent

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Once you know “what is a fifth wheel” and its features, pros, and cons, deciding whether to buy or rent one will be easier. The good news is that you now understand the pros and cons of a fifth-wheel travel trailer. Visit Camperland for better deals on RV trucks.

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