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What Is A Hybrid Camper?

Everything hybrid is exciting, including hybrid campers and travel trailers. As an RV enthusiast, you might wonder, “What is a hybrid camper?” Well, a hybrid camper has the features of both bumper-pull travel trailers and pop-up campers. Their body consists of hard metal with canvas-made pop-outs to add more space to the interior.

The hybrid campers became popular in the 1990s, although some RVers don’t know about them. The good thing about these campers is that they are spacious, lightweight, and suitable for large families. Besides, this expandable travel trailer has enough sleeping space for a big family and other essential amenities.

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Hybrid Campers: What Are They?

A hybrid camper is a traditional travel trailer with canvas-made pop-outs on the front and back ends. You can open the pop-outs manually as they are fabric walls. Since the camper can pop out to add space, it’s also referred to as an expandable travel trailer. The slide-outs add the living space, while the pop-outs provide more bedding space.

The Benefits of Choosing Hybrid

So, why would you choose a hybrid camper over other recreational vehicles? Here are the advantages of a hybrid RV camper.

  • Offers enough living and sleeping space for a bigger family
  • Setting up a hybrid camper is simple because the beds fold out easily
  • It’s highly flexible as you can still use it without necessarily popping it out
  • Offers protection against adverse weather conditions due to its hard-sided walls

Different Types of Hybrid RVs 

There are several types of hybrid RVs based on the size differences. Their weights range from 3,000 pounds to 7,000 pounds. Note that the RV’s final weight depends on the trailer’s length and the appliances kept in it. The more amenities in the trailer, the higher the weight. Generally, most people prefer light hybrid campers with more space.

Could A Hybrid Camper Be Right For You?

Well, now that you have the answer to the question, “What is a hybrid camper,” you can make an informed decision whether to invest in the camper or not. The truth is, a hybrid trailer comes with numerous benefits, including more living space and sleeping space. It’s another home on wheels. Besides, its’ light weight makes it easy to tow.

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