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Types of RVs: Motorhomes

If you are new to RVing, you may get confused by the various types of RVs available on the market. You’ve probably heard other RV enthusiasts talking about travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes, and you wonder how they differ. Let’s find out the differences.

What are the types of motor homes? 

Motorhomes are motorized recreational vehicles that don’t need to be towed from one point to another. The self-propelled RVs have beds, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas to offer mobile accommodation.

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The four types of motorhomes are:

  1. Class A Diesel 
  2. Class A Gas 
  3. Class C 
  4. Class B 

1) Class A Diesel

These Class A motorhomes get powered by large diesel engines located on the rear end of the RV. The good thing about the diesel engine is that it offers more torque than its gas-powered counterpart. The motorhomes are ideal for long trips and adventures. Besides, the engine’s location on the rear side ensures smooth and quiet rides.

2) Class A Gas

Class A gas motorhomes look like their diesel-powered counterpart. The only difference is that they use gas rather than diesel to power up the RV. The gas-powered Class A motorhome is outstanding due to its high comfort level. It comes with many slideouts, high-quality electronics, master bathrooms, style appliances, and designer furniture.

3) Class C

A Class C motorhome rests on a truck chassis, with gas and diesel options available. It has a distinct “cab-over” profile that makes them more conspicuous. These motorhomes come with amenities such as slideouts, kitchens, and bathrooms, but on a smaller scale. Common manufacturers of Class Cs are Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Chevy.

4) Class B

Class B motorhomes rest on van chassis and are suitable for exploring areas that Class A RVs can’t access due to size differences. You can rent or buy this motorhome for an adventurous trip in remote areas. Despite its compact size, a Class A motorhome has all the essential amenities you need for comfortable living, including sleeping spaces.

Different Than Towable RVs

Once you buy or rent a motorhome, you won’t need a towing vehicle to pull it, making it different from the popular travel trailers and pop-up campers. The fifth-wheel camper is the largest towable RV, and you need a towing vehicle with a high tow capacity to pull it. Unlike towable RVs, motorhomes power up themselves using their built-in engines.

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