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3 Simple Ways to Fund Your Next RV Purchase

Does your wanderlust have you daydreaming about life on the road? Have you always wanted an RV, but didn’t think it was financially feasible? You deserve the life you’ve dreamed of! Keep reading for a few easy ways to fund your RV purchase. Click To Tweet

How Can You Afford an RV?

Everyone deserves happiness and if buying an RV to explore the country will make you happy, then you should! Many people find pleasure in slowing down to live life simply on the road. Here are 3 ways to make your RV travel dreams a reality.

  1. Set Aside a Monthly “Allowance”
  2. Buy Used or Trade-In
  3. Take Out a Vehicle or Third Party Loan

1) Set Aside a Monthly “Allowance”

Come up with a monthly sum of money to save until you can afford a down payment on a travel trailer. If you currently eat out once a week or buy the occasional (or frequent) cup of coffee; consider setting that money aside instead. Allocate a set amount of money toward the RV fund and stick to it throughout the year.

2) Buy Used or Trade-In

It’s always financially wise to browse the market for used RVs for sale. You could find a good deal on a gently used recreational vehicle that has the same features as the brand new camper you’ve had your eye on. Do you have an old camper sitting in the driveway or yard? Some dealerships will buy your used camper from you for cash. 

Pro Tip: If you already own an RV but it needs a ton of repairs, trade it in for an upgraded type of travel trailer at your local RV dealership.

3) Take Out a Vehicle or Third Party Loan

Another option would be to take out a loan. Compare interest rates and monthly payments to choose the best deal  between the vehicle and third-party loans. You’ll want to ensure that you can pay it off quickly. If you’re planning on using a loan to purchase an RV, make sure you have enough after monthly expenses to get the loan paid off early.

An Affordable Dream

Purchasing an RV doesn’t have to be only a dream. Don’t forget that your hard work deserves a reward. If you are craving road trips, campfires and being surrounded by nature, then you definitely need an RV.

Are you looking for simple ways to fund your next RV purchase? Join the conversation to talk with our sales rep. about affordable purchasing options.