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Compact, Towable Trailers

Have you wanted a camper, but don’t have the towing power? At Camperland, we have the solution! We offer smaller campers that are meant to be pulled behind smaller vehicles such as SUVs and jeeps.

Our lighter trailers are compact but comfortable. For their small size, they feel quite spacious. Some can even sleep up to five people! If you want to hit the road with your spouse, small family, or with a few friends, consider these small towable trailers. Click To Tweet


The allure of these smaller trailers is how easy they are to tow. They weigh less than 3,500 pounds. This makes them ideal for people that are more comfortable driving small SUVs. If you already own an SUV, you won’t have to go purchase a truck to tow your travel trailer. Instead, you can just attach the ultra-lightweight camper to the vehicle you already have.

The Same Features

You may think you’re missing out on some features due to the compact size. However, these campers have many of the same features as the larger models, including a kitchenette, sleeping chambers, a comfortable restroom, storage space, and more!

Trade Space for Convenience

While these campers are smaller, it’s part of their charm. The convenience of having a lightweight trailer makes them ideal for single adventurers, and small groups of people.

Pro Tip: Consider our light-weight, tiny trailers, because sometimes smaller spaces offer better opportunities for happier campers.

See Our Small Campers in Person

If you’ve been dreaming about summer road trips and camping trips, but don’t have a big truck with towing capabilities, our smaller trailers are perfect for you! Come by Camperland today to see our campers and their features in person.

Would you like to know more about our compact, towable trailers? Contact us to speak with our RV specialists, today!