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New vs Used RVs: Which is Right For You?

One of the most debated topics among RV enthusiasts is whether to buy new vs used RVs. You’ve probably gone for a few camping trips on a rental travel trailer, camper, or motorhome, and you plan to own an RV to make your life more fun and adventurous.

Owning an RV is one of the most incredible things that can happen to someone who loves camping on RVs. But before purchasing your favorite rig, you may wonder whether to get a used or new RV. Well, both options have pros and cons.

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Let’s look at the pros and cons of new vs used RVs to help you make the best decision.

Wear and Tear vs Price: Pros and Cons of a Used RV

Used RVs are cheaper than new RVs. However, they come with a few implications that you must know before buying the used versions.

Pros of a Used RV

  • Lower depreciation rate
  • You’ll enjoy paying lower prices
  • Issues or kinks possible resolved
  • Lower insurance costs than for new RVs

Cons of a Used RV

  • Limited choice of selection
  • High repair costs when damaged
  • Higher chances that some issues are hidden
  • More wear and tear on some parts and pieces

Pros and Cons of Buying a New RV

Everyone loves new things, including vehicles, so new RVs are irresistible. You’ll find all the elements in the brand new RV intact, spicing up your RV experience.

Pros of a New RV

  • You’ll enjoy the factory warranty, which is always one year upon buying
  • There’s no previous owner, making you the first to own and drive the rig
  • You’ll get the exact RV you want, with all the amenities still new and intact

Cons of a New RV

  • High rate of vehicle depreciation
  • High insurance costs for brand new RVs
  • Buying a new RV is very costly due to a high premium price

What Works For You?

So, should you purchase a used or new RV?

Well, it depends on your needs and budget. If you want something cheaper, you’d better go for a used RV, but you must first ensure that everything is in great shape. However, consider investing in a new RV if you want an RV with the latest features and an extended warranty. But you must be ready to pay more for the new rig.

Camperland Can Help You

Now that you understand the pros and cons of new vs used RVs, you can buy your RV from a local dealer. Ensure that all the features in the RV are in good condition, whether used or new, to give you peace of mind. The RV’s floor plan should also accommodate your entire family. Thankfully, Camperland stocks used and new RVs for sale.

Contact us today to buy a reliable RV for your road trips, whether used or new.