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Understanding the Various Types of RVs at Camperland

With so many different types of campers, choosing the best one can seem overwhelming. From fifth wheels to travel trailers and toy haulers, the nuances may seem trivial. However, understanding the bells and whistles of each RV type is critical in determining the right one for you.

Each type of camper has unique features that set them apart from one another. It’s critical to inform yourself of these differences so that you purchase the camper that will best suit your travel needs. Do you have plans to purchase an RV this year? If you want to know the types of campers we have and their features, here they are. Click To Tweet

Fifth Wheels

The most noticeable difference of fifth wheels is that they have an outstretched gooseneck that covers the back of the towing truck bed. This extended section of the camper creates additional living space or sleeping areas. Fifth wheels are typically larger, stretching up to 45 feet, which means they need larger towing vehicles with more horsepower. Although fifth wheel trailers are the larger option, they’re surprisingly easier to maneuver and tow. These are a preferred option for families and groups of people camping together.

Travel Trailers

While full-sized travel trailers are usually smaller, this can be an advantage if you have a smaller SUV or pickup truck. They connect with a standard ball hitch receiver which can attach to your recreational vehicle if it’s rated to handle the weight. Regardless of their shorter length, travel trailers can be quite spacious. Some models even feature sleeping quarters, kitchenettes and dining areas. These are ideal for individuals or couples that are comfortable and familiar with towing because they require more skill to drive.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are exactly what the name suggests. They’re made to carry toys such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. The convenience of toy haulers is that they have storage in the rear and living space in the front.

Pro Tip: The functionality of toy haulers makes them a dream accessory for traveling adventurers and thrill seekers alike.

Pop Up Trailer

Pop up trailers are more compact, therefore easier to tow than other campers. Since pop up trailers are light-weight and smaller, they’re ideal for 1 or possibly 2 adventurers. They actually pop up for additional space when you camp.  


Motorhomes are perfect for big families and friend groups. These recreational vehicles are not towable but are driven. They feature kitchenettes, sleeping quarters, restrooms, and are quite spacious. They are comfortable and affordable. Many travelers choose to tow a driving vehicle behind them for trips off the campsite. 

Park Trailer

Park trailers are different from other recreational vehicles because they’re meant to be towed to your desired destination and parked. You would buy these mobile homes to reside in for extended periods of time. 

Choose the Perfect RV

Each type of towable RV has their own set of characteristics and quirks that need to match your travel style. 

Which type of camper best suits your needs? Join the conversation to talk with our team about finding your dream RV.