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5 Tips to Keep Your RV Cool During the Summer

Summer is the best time to hit the road on an RV. So, it’s essential to keep your RV cool in summer to make it feel comfortable. High temperatures can cause the RV to feel hot, mainly when you have a bad air conditioning system. So, how can you keep an RV cool?

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What are some tips for keeping your RV cool in the summer? 

When going for an RV vacation, the high summer temperatures should not make you sweat. There are many ways to keep your RV cool and let you and your family enjoy the trip. Here are some handy tips to help you keep the RV’s inside cool. 

  1. Keep Windows Closed in the Morning
  2. Clean the A/C Filters 
  3. Pay Attention to Where You Park
  4. Use Shades 
  5. Install Roof Vent Covers

1) Keep Windows Closed in the Morning

As the sun rises in the morning, remember to close the windows to prevent the sun rays from entering your RV. If your RV windows have shades, pull them down to keep them closed. By doing so, you’ll trap the cool morning air inside the RV.

2) Clean the A/C Filters 

Keeping your air conditioner’s filters clean can help to regulate the RV’s temperature. However, if not cleaned regularly, the AC can malfunction, making your RV hotter. For that reason, consider cleaning your air conditioner filters at least once every month.

3) Pay Attention to Where You Park

Where you park your RV can also influence your RV’s internal temperature. The best place to park your RV is under the shade and not in the scorching sun. For that reason, pick your favorable campsite with shades and book a spot near one of the trees.

4) Use Shades 

Even if your RV has an air conditioner, use window shades and awnings to prevent the sun from heating your RV. After parking the RV, extend all the awnings available to offer some shade. Also, close the blinds and shades on windows that receive full sun.

5) Install Roof Vent Covers

Besides the air conditioners, you can install an RV roof vent cover to divert the passing breezes into your RV. You don’t have to worry about the rain because the vents will keep the rain away. Keep the windows open to encourage cross-ventilation.

Keeping Your RV Cool in the Summer 

Implementing these tips and ideas will help you keep your RV cool in the summer. Most importantly, avoid exposing your RV to direct sunlight or heat. That way, you will greatly reduce your RV’s temperature, making your RV more comfortable in the hot afternoons.

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