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Avoid These Beginner RV Mistakes

There’s no doubt that many RVers make mistakes while on the road, including the most seasoned RVer. However, some RV mistakes can be more costly and life-threatening than others. This guide explores some of the common mistakes and how to avoid each.

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What are some of the top rookie RV mistakes that are made?

Knowing the common RV mistakes before hitting the road can help you stay safe during your camping trip. Thankfully, you can easily avoid most of the mistakes if you plan well. Here are the most common RV mistakes to avoid during a road trip. 

  1. Not Packing Enough Food
  2. Not Planning Your Route
  3. Not Following Camp Etiquette 
  4. Forgetting to Do the Walk Around
  5. Moving Too Quickly on the Road

1) Not Packing Enough Food

Nothing is more disappointing than packing food that cannot satisfy your appetite at the campsite. While it’s vital not to overpack food, carry enough to keep you strong during the entire trip. Note down all the meals you’ll need for the trip and pack them very well.

2) Not Planning Your Route 

If you are unconcerned about routes, you might end up losing your way in the middle of nowhere. That can be very stressful, and you’ll start asking lots of questions. To avoid such inconveniences, you need to plan the route before leaving your home.

3) Not Following Camp Etiquette

Whenever you are at a campsite, you should follow all the rules and regulations for RVers. Here are some of the rules and regulations to observe.

  • Don’t play loud music at the campground
  • Avoid walking around other RVers’ campsites
  • Look after your pets, so they don’t disturb others
  • Check if the parking lot accommodates the kind of RV you own, whether it’s a travel trailer or a 5th wheel trailer

4) Forgetting to Do the Walk Around

Before hitting the road, consider walking around your RV to ensure everything is in the right place. Doing it twice is better than driving off with a sewer hose trailing behind the RV. Check the tow vehicle connections, lights, windows, vents, and storage doors.

5) Moving Too Quickly On The Road

RVs aren’t really built to be moving at high speeds. Take your time when driving or towing your camper to avoid any unsecured items falling over or putting yourself and your family at risk on the road. It’s important to be a responsible driver when transporting so much weight. 

Avoid These Mistakes on Your First RV Trip

These RV mistakes can be easy for beginners to make. Fortunately, there are resources available for you to read up on before your camping trip. Make sure to do your research so you can plan in advance for mistakes to be made or accidents to happen. 

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