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How to Set Up a Pop Up Camper

Setting up a pop-up camper can be quite overwhelming if you don’t follow the right pop-up camper set-up guidelines. However, you’ll find the task super-easy if you follow all the steps we are about to share in this pop-up camper guide. Let’s get started.

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How do you set up your new pop-up camper?

Pop-up campers offer a better way to have a tent-like experience without having to sleep on the ground. They are easier to haul and even store, compared to the traditional RVs. Almost any vehicle can tow a pop-up camper, including a car.

Here are the steps to follow when setting up a pop-up camper. 

  1. Leveling and Location
  2. Powering Up and Roofing
  3. Setting up Beds
  4. Propane and Water
  5. Water Heater Set-Up

1) Leveling and Location

Locate the place where you would like to set up the pop-up camper. Consider factors such as the slope of the ground, location of trees, and electrical hookups. Check if the pop-camper is level. If one side is lower than the other, consider leveling it using wood scraps or leveling blocks. Follow that by unhooking the tow vehicle.

2) Powering Up and Roofing

To power up the camper, run its electrical cord to the campsite’s electrical hookup after turning off the breaker. Once connected, switch on the breaker to supply power to your camper’s equipment, including the fridge. Crank down the camper’s four supports and then crank up the camper’s roof. Crank the handle until the top reaches its full height. 

3) Setting Up Beds

Pull one of the beds’ handles to the outside until it stops. Meanwhile, you should ensure that the canvas is not holding on to anything. Pull out the bed support pole’s free point and position it onto the stud on the camper’s frame. Repeat the process for the second pole. Lift the two beds to latch both supports until it sits down firmly.

4) Propane and Water

Lift and lower the handle on the galley until it sits in position. If using an outdoor stove, take it to the hookup spot on the camper’s side and secure it in the right place. Link the male end of the propane hose on the stove to the female end on the camper’s lower frame. Also, connect a sanitary water hose from your trailer to the water spigot on the campsite.

5) Water Heater Set-Up

Access the camper’s hot water tank, turn the gas knob to the pilot and hold it down. Place a flame on the pilot tube’s end using a long lighter. Keep holding the knob down until the pilot stays lit. Turn on the knob, and the hot water tank will go into a full fire mode to heat your water. If the pilot goes off, turn off the gas knob and wait five minutes before repeating the process. 

Setting Up Your Pop Up Camper

With these pop-up camper set-up instructions, you can quickly set up your camper at a campsite. You’ll only need a few tools and hardware to set it up, unlike the traditional RV that requires complicated hitches. Most pop-campers are simple to set up and level.

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