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How to Buy Your First RV

Did you know that buying your first RV can be simpler than you thought? It’s one of the best long-term investments to make, especially if you love adventure. If you’re thinking of buying an RV as a first-time buyer, be sure to consider the following factors.

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Important RV Shopping Factors

If buying your first RV seems overwhelming, you should consider things like floor plans and the type of RV to help you find the best deal. By narrowing down your must-haves, you’ll be able to find an RV that will meet all of your needs. Here is the first time RV owner checklist to help you purchase an RV.

  1.   Deciding between used or. new
  2.   Picking your floor plan
  3.   Choosing your features
  4.   Researching different types of RVs
  5.   Considering your camping plans

1) Deciding Between Used or New

As a first-time RV buyer, you can purchase either a new RV or a used one depending on your budget. Used RVs tend to be cheaper than new RVs. So, if you plan to spend less on the investment, you can opt for a used motorhome.

That being said, used RVs may be more affordable, but they usually cannot outdo new RVs in terms of features. In the same way, used RVs may require more maintenance. That’s one reason why some people might prefer buying a new RV to used RV.

2) Picking Your Floor Plan

Since there are many floor plans for RVs, choosing the right RV can be quite tricky. Be sure to find a floor layout that suits your lifestyle. The main areas that you’ll find in any RV floor plan will be the kitchen area, living area, bath area, and sleeping area.

Other RVs, however, have floor plans that include additional areas, such as rear and front kitchens, pull-out couches, two entry doors, storage areas, and a bunkhouse. While these RVs may cost more at the forefront, they also may be suited for your family better than any other motorhome.

3) Choosing Your Features

Since there are many models of RVs with different features in the market, you need to buy an RV with all the qualities you need or want. It’s important to prepare a list of the features you’re looking for before setting out.

Pro Tip: Compare the different models available in the market and check to see if they have all the features that fit your lifestyle to help meet your expectations.

4) Researching Different Types of RVs

When buying your first RV, you should first determine the type of RV you need, whether it’s a towable or motorized RV. The towable RVs you’ll find in the market include Travel Trailer, Folding Campers, Folding Pop-Ups, Fifth Wheel, and Expandables.

If you decide to buy a motorized RV, you can consider the following options:

  • Motor Home Class A Toy Haulers
  • Motor Home Class A Diesel
  • Motor Home Class A Gas
  • Motor Home Class C Diesel
  • Motor Home Class B+

5) Considering Your Camping Plans

What kind of camping plans do you have? Knowing the kind of camping trip you’re planning will influence the type of RV to buy. For instance, if you plan to camp in a remote place with no electricity, you’ll need an RV outfitted with solar panels and water tanks.

However, if you plan to camp in RV parks or campgrounds, you can always connect water and electricity to the RV. Think about how you’ll be using your motorhome purchase to help make the best decision for your family.

Finding Your Dream Camper

When buying your first RV, you need to find a model outfitted with all the features that can fulfill your needs. With these tips and considerations, you’re one step closer to joining the community of RV campers and travelers. As you get ready to buy an RV, get in touch with our team to help you navigate the current market.

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