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4 Must-Have RV Accessories

As an RV owner, there are must-have RV accessories you can’t miss in your RV when going for a camping trip. Some RVs, new or old, may not come with all the accessories, yet you need them for a comfortable RV experience. Without them, RVing can be tricky.

What are the must-have items when RV camping? 

Regardless of the type of RV you have, you must have some gadgets or equipment for the RV to function correctly. Some of these accessories ensure convenience and comfort. Besides, the supplies can be helpful for boondocks.

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Here are the must-have RV camping accessories to get for your next camping trip.

  1. Surge Protector
  2. Water Pressure Regulator
  3. Water Hose
  4. Power Chords

1) Surge Protector

A surge protector safeguards your RV from electrical issues that may damage your RV electronics. Any power surge, improper wire connections, or brownout can damage all the electronic devices in your RV, which can be costly. A surge protector can be helpful.

2) Water Pressure Regulator

When the water pressure from the campground’s hookups is very high, your RV water lines can burst. As a result, the RV will flood, causing extensive damage. A water pressure regulator can reduce the water pressure to ensure smooth flow.

3) Water Hose

Your freshwater holding tank must always be full when leaving for a camping trip. You’ll need a drinking water hose to connect the tank to the water hookup in the campground to refill the tank. Select a long water hose to avoid inconveniences that might arise.

4) Power Chords

If your RV doesn’t come with a power cord, you’ll need to purchase one for electrical connections during camping. A regular extension cord usually used in the house cannot work in the RV. When buying the power cord, check the amperage rating.

Get Your RV With Camperland

Other must-have RV accessories you should include in your list are solar panels, RV-specific GPS, spare RV tires, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Since you’ll also need to eat, don’t forget an RV kitchen accessory like the instant pot for faster cooking. The good news is that you can get an RV with the essential accessories at Camperland.

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