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5 Crucial RV Appliances

An RV comes furnished with all the essentials: beds, air conditioning, toilet, shower, stove, and more. But some smaller appliances have to be purchased separately. What else does your RV need?

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Common Camping Appliances

Depending on your camping habits, you may need a wider variety of small appliances for your trips. Other campers may require fewer or simply prefer to save space. However, most RV enthusiasts will agree that several basic staples of RV living include the following:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Dehumidifier
  3. Instant Pot
  4. Pour-over coffee maker
  5. Electric water heater

1) Vacuum Cleaner

After a long day of hiking and spending time outdoors, you’ll track dirt and leaves back into your camper. And in such a small space, the dirt builds up fast. That’s where a lightweight, easy-to-store vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Keep your camper clean without hauling a bulky vacuum along on your trip!

2) Dehumidifier

Depending on where you’re traveling, you may encounter uncomfortably high humidity. This can cause problems inside your RV, from dampening blankets and clothes to damaging interior walls if left alone long enough. Fortunately, a dehumidifier can remove water from the air to both make your experience more comfortable and protect your belongings from damage. Find one that works for your RV’s square footage.

3) Instant Pot

Make dinnertime easy with an Instant Pot in your RV! Whether you love slow-cooked meals or want something fast and easy, the Instant Pot can accommodate you. Plus, it’s small enough to easily store out of the way in an RV cabinet when not in use.

4) Pour-Over Coffee Maker

For anyone who doesn’t want to bring an electric coffee maker but can’t go without their morning caffeine, a pour-over coffee maker is a perfect solution. This simple piece of kitchen equipment consists of a mesh coffee filter positioned over a kettle. Simply place your coffee grounds in the filter and pour hot water over the top for a fast, fresh cup of coffee.

Pro Tip: For a slower but equally simple coffee brewing method, tie some grounds into a coffee filter with kitchen string. Brew your coffee the same way you’d make tea!

5) Electric Water Heater

Coffee isn’t the only hot beverage of choice on a camping trip. Anyone who prefers tea or hot chocolate will appreciate having an electric kettle on hand. Plus, then you have hot water for other needs as they arise.

Furnishing Your RV

Space matters in an RV, so choosing smaller camping appliances goes a long way toward enhancing your experience without making things cramped. Find the right appliances for your needs and plan ahead to bring them along!

Didn’t find an appliance that works for you? Connect with us for more camping tips and ideas.