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5 Ways to Decorate Your RV’s Interior

Your RV is your home away from home on a camping trip! And as comfortable as a travel trailer is, sometimes a brand new one straight off the assembly line can seem a little basic. The interior generally consists of earth-tone walls and furniture. After a long day of hiking or exploring a new location, wouldn’t it be great to come back to a completely personalized trailer?

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RV Decorating Ideas

If you own your RV, why not have some fun with it? Find your style and add a few decorations or accessories to personalize your home away from home. These easy and popular decoration styles will get your creativity flowing:

  1. Creative wallpaper
  2. Candles
  3. Souvenir display
  4. Custom curtains
  5. Eye-catching colors

1) Creative Wallpaper

There is a ton of variety in the types of wallpaper you can add to your travel trailer. Diversify the interior by adding an accent wall–a color or pattern different from the rest which adds a nice touch to it. Unlike painting the walls, wallpapers are easy to apply and remove to be changed when you want to switch things up!

2) Candles

Candles make any room feel like home. Find a scent that’s the most appealing to you and bright colors that work with the decor. You can add candle holders of all shapes and sizes that suit your taste. If you’re nervous about candles inside your RV, or if it’s a small space, battery-powered tea lights look great in the right set-up. 

Pro Tip: Aromatherapy oil diffusers are a great alternative to candles, and there are plenty of attractive ones that are suitable for travel. 

3) Souvenir Display

Across your travels, you’re sure to come across plenty of souvenirs along the way. Dedicate a space in your RV to display your souvenirs to family and travel guests. Many fifth wheels trailers have a den area with shelves placed suitably for display.

4) Custom Curtains

Besides providing shade for your RV’s cozy interior, curtains can be used as decoration. With lots of styles, color, and length options, you’re sure to find curtains customized to your taste that will add your personal style to your travel trailer. 

5) Eye-Catching Colors

Your RV’s standard interior is either going to be neutral toned colors or a more modernized black and gray look to the kitchen counters. Add splashes of colors by decorating the kitchen with vibrant decor and utensils, and add warm, inviting colors to the living area. Colorful throw pillows and blankets create a cozy look.   

Add Style to Your RV

Don’t settle for a boring RV interior! With a little work and creativity, you can make the inside of your travel trailer reflect your personality. Your home on wheels is sure to impress your friends and family!

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