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Advantages of Our RV Parts Layaway Program

Need new parts for your RV? We can provide what you need. But what if the shipment is delayed or you can’t pay the entire amount at once? No problem! Take advantage of our parts layaway program.

For a small deposit, we’ll hold your new RV parts on layaway until you can come to pick them up and pay the remaining balance. Our layaway plans can accommodate your needs to make sure you have the necessities to keep your travel trailer in good shape.

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Delayed Shipments

Sometimes the part you need may be out of stock or en route but delayed. In these cases, we’ll gladly let you reserve your requested parts with a deposit to hold your place. Even with the delay, you’ll still get everything you need. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and the parts will arrive early.

Pro Tip: Camperland offers interest-free layaway programs. You won’t have to pay any interest on your RV parts either.

Low on Funds

In a few cases, you might not have all the money on hand to collect all your RV parts immediately. A layaway program could also help you with this. We’ll reserve your parts with a zero interest rate and hold them until you’re able to pay in full.

Non-Critical RV Parts

Sometimes you want a part for your RV out of cosmetic or convenience preferences, rather than necessity. For instance, imagine if part of your RV got an unsightly but harmless scratch while you were on a camping trip. You’d probably want to replace it, but can’t exactly cancel your whole trip over something so trivial. Your best bet would be to call in a replacement for layaway so it’s ready when you return. You’ll get your replacement part, and your camping trip can continue!

Shopping for New RV Parts

You can’t always predict when your RV needs work, sometimes urgently. And even though we do our best to maintain a wide variety of readily available RV parts on demand, sometimes we need to wait for a shipment. Furthermore, when you’re short on cash, a zero interest RV parts layaway program is the perfect solution!

Want to hear more about our RV layaway plans? Connect with us and let us find what you need.