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Detecting Water Damage in Your RV With Seal Tech

Have you ever dealt with a leaky RV window or door on your camping trip? Aside from being irritating, the problem can be hard to repair when you’re miles from the nearest town. Fortunately, RV owners can take advantage of Camperland’s Seal Tech, a leak detection and repair service that will make your RV as good as new before your next camping trip.

Water damage spreads quickly and is more easily prevented than repaired. State-of-the-art Seal Tech tests your RV to find and repair leaks before they become problematic. Make sure your trailer is up to the challenge of nature.

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What is Seal Tech?

The Seal Tech process involves several steps. First, your RV is filled with high-pressure air that tries to escape through any leaks. Second, the entire exterior of the RV is hosed down with soapy water. Finally, technicians watch for any places where bubbles form as escaping air forces its way through the soap suds. Leaks at a vent are normal and expected, but bubbles forming around a window seal or elsewhere indicate a problematic leak. Once the technicians find all the leaks in your RV, they can get to work repairing and sealing them up.

Pro Tip: Window borders, doors, and corners of your RV are some of the most common areas for leaks to form. If you suspect rain may be getting in or air may be getting out, it may be time to schedule an RV service appointment.

Why is Leak Repair Important?

A lot of internal RV furniture is made of wood or particle board, both of which swell and blister when exposed to large amounts of moisture. Keeping leaks in check will prevent expensive damage to your camper in the long term.

It’s also important to remember that if water can get into your camper, air can get in and out too. Your air conditioning or heat could leak out, causing your electricity usage and costs to spike abruptly. Insulated curtains or other temporary fixes may help you finish your trip, but they won’t fix the problem forever.

How Often is Leak Repair Needed?

Depending on the type of roof and siding materials your RV has, you’ll probably need a leak inspection between 3-5 times a year. It’s also advisable to get an inspection before a major road trip just to be safe. With regular maintenance from a high-quality RV service, your camper should be leak-free in no time!

Keeping Your Camper in Good Condition

An RV is a significant investment and deserves the best care you can provide. Sealing up leaks will extend your camper’s life expectancy as well as provide more comfort for you and your family on road trips. Don’t put that maintenance trip off too long!

Ready to perform the Seal Tech test? Connect with us to learn more about the process and schedule your service appointment.