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How to Connect to a Shore Power Safely

Wherever your RV may take you, connecting to shore power is going to be necessary eventually. These power sources allow you to enjoy the comforts of home with the benefits of nature. If you’re having trouble with your power connection, check out Camperland’s service center. 

Some power sources are far, making it hard for the cords to get there. Use secure extension cords to ensure you get power supply to other areas. They can cause accidents if wrongly used. Ensure you also connect the cords to the proper power supply and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using adapters.

Here are some of the safety procedures to consider during the connection.

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Extension Cord Safety

Check the extension’s purpose before using it on the shore power systems. Use an extension cord with a 30-amp power cord extension. They have enough energy needed for operation. Also, the longer cords have a lower voltage, which can cause the malfunctioning of some units. It would help if you bought a smaller shore power cord. 

Connecting to the Right Power Source

Electricity is good but can be dangerous when mishandled. Get a power cord with an indicator to show when the power source is okay and safe. However, although you can protect the boat and the components inside with the built-in surge protector, the shore power inlet is still exposed to danger if bad connections happen. Once you connect to the power inlet, turn off the shore power and connect the plug end of the power cord.

Adapters and How to Use Them

Adapters are available in various receptacles. You can get a 30 amp or a 50 amp adapter. Consider always knowing the size of the circuit breakers to know how much amp shore power is available. Connecting the adapters to a higher power connection can cause power supply accidents leading to loss of all items in the RV. 

Use Shore Power Safely

To avoid the stress of losing power, get a battery charger to store power. While using the power cords and adapters, having a 15-amp power source will not operate a 30-amp camper. This is also not enough for ac power hence less air conditioning. 

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