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RV Hookups: What Are They?

Before embarking on the first road trip on an RV, you need to understand how RV hookups operate. As a first-time RV owner, you may feel anxious or nervous about parking your camper or travel trailer in a campground. You may wonder how to get water or power.

Most campgrounds offer RV hookups to allow people to camp comfortably. Once you park and level your RV in a campground, you’ll need to connect your RV to an external power line, water systems, and sewer system through RV hookups.

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What Are Common Hookups?

Here are the common hookups that most campgrounds offer to RVers.

  • Power Hookups: Campgrounds provide power connections that range from 20-amp to 30-amp. Cut the source supplying power to the connection box before connecting your RV. Use the breaker switch beside the connection box.
  • Water hookups: You can get water flowing into your RV by connecting it to the water hookup system. You’ll need some fresh drinking water, bathing water, and washing water. Don’t forget to install a water pressure regulator.
  • Cable Hookups: Cable hookups work just like the cable connections at home. Check if your campground offers cable access and use a coaxial cable to connect your RV to the cable hookup point.
  • Sewer Hookups: When your RV’s black tank is full, you have to flush the waste into a sewer line in the campground. In that case, a sewer hookup is essential. But before draining the black tank, ensure you have gloves on your hands.

Check What Hookups Your Camper Has  

Before checking into an RV campground, you must confirm the RV hookups they offer to people camping there. Camping in an RV park without essential hookups is not worth it. Consider visiting a campsite with crucial hookups, including power, water, and sewer.

Learn How to Hook Them Up Carefully

If you are new to RVing, you may have trouble connecting your new RV to the hookups in a campground. So, you must learn how to connect your RV to the power, water, and sewer hookups. Thankfully, there are many resources online to help you hook them up.

Camperland Can Help

Don’t forget to carry all the accessories required for RV hookups as you plan your RV trip. You need surge protectors for power hookups, a sewer hose for sewer hookups, and a water pressure regulator for water hookups. Camperland can help you with these.

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