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RV Breakdown? Here's What to Do

When you leave for a long road trip, you hope for smooth travels without any vehicle issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that RV breakdowns can sometimes happen when you least expect them to. Even after maintenance and service done to your travel trailer, it’s best to know how to prepare for a breakdown when you’re getting ready to hit the road.

In the event of an RV breakdown, it’s important to know how to handle the situation and which questions need to be asked once you get it to the shop for repairs. If you’ve had an RV breakdown while on a road trip, follow these steps towards getting it repaired and continuing your family trip as planned. 

Get the Broken Down RV to a Shop 

First thing’s first, you’ll need to find the nearest repair shops in the area and let them know of your situation and location. Contact your emergency roadside assistance through your insurance if you have them. Otherwise, you’ll need to call a tow vehicle to get your RV to the shop for repairs. Tow trucks are usually pricey, but they arrive at the site quickly.

Make a Plan for Yourself & Your RV

If you’re having to leave the RV at the repair shop and go somewhere else for a while, don’t forget your most needed medical supplies from the trailer before heading out. Consider an Extended Warranty for your RV–designed to cover mechanical breakdowns and repairs. If you have an extended service warranty, your breakdown situation will go much more smoothly. 

Pro Tip: Full-time service contracts for your RV will ensure repair solutions for any on-the-road issue.

Keep Your Cool During the Situation

While it’s much easier said than done, it’s important to stay calm to the best of your ability during this situation. Don’t have a mental breakdown over a mechanical breakdown that can be resolved. Once your trailer is at the repair shop and you have a plan for traveling safely, make the most out of your trip; especially if you’re by a campsite or nature grounds.

Journeying Forward

Before you jump in your camper and hit the road, read up on how to prepare for a safe trip, because it’s good to be ready for anything to happen. Once your trailer is ready to hit the road again, check out some Texas RV parks to visit this Holiday season! 

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