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What is a Park Model RV?

You want to have an adventurous trip, but you’re still wondering, “What is a park model RV?” This type of RV was designed to provide temporary accommodation for seasonal travel, camping, and construction. However, it has evolved to become one of the most distinct RV models. In fact, some people still argue that park model RVs aren’t real RVs.

Park model RVs are built on a single chassis then mounted on wheels. However, they don’t have over 400 square feet in total. They are mobile and designed in similar standards as other motorhomes. Even though they come fully loaded, they are not meant for full-time living like the traditional RV.

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Here are the facts you should know about park model RVs, including their benefits.

Park Model RV Basics

Unlike the traditional RVs designed to always be on the go, park model RVs are ideal for more long-term residency. They are not as mobile as their counterpart conventional RVs. Many consider park model RVs as smaller homes on wheels or mobile homes.

These RVs have many amenities and can connect to regular city utilities. You will find many park model RVs in large-scale RV resorts. Some people may use this RV model as weekend getaways or vacation homes. You can either rent or buy the RV.

Seasonal Camping Grounds

Park model RVs are a perfect choice for seasonal camping. You can take the RV to a campground and leave it there for the whole season. However, you’ll pay some fee for the seasonal site and other costs you might have incurred, like metered electricity. The good news is, you won’t have any taxes, costs, and fees associated with homeownership.

Temporary Housing 

You can use the park model RV for temporary housing because it comes with all the amenities and space that you need in a home. Most park model RVs are large and can span up to 400 square feet. While it may seem smaller than a typical brick-and-mortar house, it’s one of the biggest in the RV world. With such space, you can outfit the park model with features that other RVs lack.

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What is a park model RV? We are glad that you now understand the basics of park model RVs and their benefits. They are designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreational camping or seasonal travel. If you are looking forward to investing in the park model RV or other recreational vehicles, consider shopping at Camperland.

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