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5 Kid-Friendly RV Parks in Texas

As summer winds to a close, several families want to go on one last camping trip with the kids before school starts. For RV owners, this is as simple as finding a park that provides RV hookups and has amenities for kids and adults alike. Fortunately, Texas has plenty of great RV parks to offer!

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A Fun Family Camping Trip

Kids of all ages can find something to enjoy in the amenities and activities offered at most camping areas. Fortunately, most RV and camping parks recognize that the entire family is traveling together and offer plenty of perks for the young ones in your family. Here are a few very popular, very child-friendly places to go camping as summer winds down:

  1. Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area
  2. Dinosaur Valley State Park
  3. Inks Lake State Park
  4. Garner State Park
  5. Padre Island National Seashore

1) Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area

This park boasts a playground, 20 miles of rural trails, a fishing-friendly lake, and fully equipped RV hookups. What’s not to love? Enjoy a quiet experience by the lake while your kids explore the playground. Get all the details here.

2) Dinosaur Valley State Park

Any dinosaur-obsessed child or adult will love this park. Established to preserve ancient dinosaur tracks, this park offers plenty of opportunities to learn about these ancient reptiles, along with more conventional park features like hiking trails. Learn more about this Dinosaur Valley’s offerings here.

3) Inks Lake State Park

Any family who loves to swim will love this place! A calming lake and roaring waterfalls provide plenty of chances to cool off from the Texas heat and swim. Learn more about Inks Lake here.

Pro Tip: At any camping sites where swimming is allowed, you’ll rarely see a lifeguard on duty at the lakes. Keep an eye on your kids while they swim.

4) Garner State Park

Garner offers a clear, gentle river, family dance nights, and plenty of bike-friendly trails for the whole family. Best of all? Garner is far enough away from the cities to avoid light pollution, making the clear night sky a truly breathtaking sight. Learn more about Garner State Park here.

5) Padre Island National Seashore

This is the perfect park for anyone looking for a more remote camping experience. RV owners will have to prepare ahead of time for this experience, but it’s more than worth it. You’ll be camping on a kid’s favorite spot–the beach! What could be better? Learn more about this breathtaking seashore here.

Camping with the Whole Family

Parents will love the convenient RV hookups and accommodations at these camping sites, and kids will love the chance to explore nature and experience programs designed just for them. Visiting a few kid-friendly RV parks in Texas is the perfect way to end your summer vacation!

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