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Boondocking: Is It Safe to Leave Your RV?

Boondocking is the best way to adventure and save money, but is it safe to leave your RV alone while boondocking? Even though you don’t need to make reservations when considering boondocking, your safety matters. Otherwise, you may lose many of your RV camping must-haves.

So, is it safe to leave your RV behind when boondocking? The straightforward answer is “yes.” You can leave your motorhome or travel trailer behind as you experience the surroundings. However, some exceptions apply to this RV practice.

But before we get started, let’s look at what boondocking means.

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What is Boondocking?

Boondocking is camping without connections like water, sewer, and electricity. It’s only you, your RV, and a vast piece of land. Boondocking has two major components: where you camp and how you camp. Also, some people refer to boondocking as dry camping.

Where You Can Boondock Safely

Where you go boondocking can also impact your safety. Here are some of the places to boondock safely.

The Middle of Nowhere

Visiting a quiet and scenic place in the middle of nowhere is one of the safest practices in boondocking. The person you meet out there is probably also adventuring. All you have to do is secure your RV using a hitch lock, then go ahead and explore the area. 

With A Group

If you go boondocking as a group, no one will likely steal your camper. You can park your RV among other boondocking campers, and nobody is going to pull it away from the group. Even if someone pulls it, others will notice and act swiftly.

Near Cities

When camping near cities, you need to check the people around you. For example, if you camp near people who look like drug addicts, you need to be more careful. Also, don’t leave some of your items outside your RV when boondocking near cities.

Safety Tips

Do you still feel nervous about leaving your RV behind while boondocking? Here are the safety tips to consider to prevent your RV from disappearing.

  • Install a GPS tracker on your travel trailer or motorhome
  • Secure your camper with a strong, high-quality hitch lock
  • Install wireless cameras around or inside the camper

Go Out And Explore!

If it is your first time boondocking, you may wonder if it is safe to leave your RV behind. Perhaps you fear that somebody might steal your RV when you are away. But with the safety tips mentioned above, you don’t need to be afraid of anything when boondocking.

Contact us to learn more safety practices for boondocking enthusiasts.