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Must-Have Camp Cooking Equipment for Your Next RV Trip

Have you recently purchased a brand new RV or camper? You’re probably ready to hit the road! Before you do, think about the meals you would love to have while away. Nothing beats a delicious meal prepared outdoors on your own camp cooking equipment. Whether you’re a casual camper or an RV enthusiast, you’ll love the freedom of cooking on a beautiful day with your favorite gear.

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What’s the Best Camp Cooking Gear?

When buying your camp cookware, you’ll want to collect a variety of tools. Different campsites may accommodate different gear. A few classic tools for camp kitchens include:

  1. Dutch Ovens
  2. Coolers
  3. Camping Stoves
  4. Grills
  5. Kettles

1) Dutch ovens

Popular at home or at a campsite, a cast-iron Dutch oven is a durable piece of cooking gear. You can fill your Dutch oven with anything ranging from lasagna to dessert, replace the lid, and set the pot directly on hot coals until dinner’s ready. Some models have little legs to hold it higher above the fire and spread the heat out more evenly.

2) Coolers

You’ll always have something that needs to stay cold. Heavily insulated camping coolers can keep your food cold or even frozen far longer than a standard cooler. This option can cost more than other items on this list, but it’s well worth the price to essentially have a refrigerator on your camping trip.

3) Camping Stoves

Imagine bringing just one or two burners from your home stove on your camping trip. That’s essentially what a camping stove is. Powered by propane, a camping stove provides a very portable cooking option without getting your cookware too dirty.

Pro Tip: Depending on how you plan to store your food, consider investing in animal-proof containers in addition to nice cooking equipment.

4) Grills

Part of the appeal of outdoor cooking is grilling meat or vegetables over an open fire. Cast-iron grills can sit directly over your firepit and cook your food right in the flames. A variety of different grills are available, but nothing beats a basic iron camp grill.

5) Kettles

Kettles are probably the least necessary item on this list. However, a quality kettle can add quite a bit to your camp kitchen gear. Imagine boiling hot coffee over an open fire in the morning, while bacon and eggs cook in the Dutch oven. What a way to make the perfect outdoor breakfast!

The Perfect Camp Kitchen

Check out the cooking accessories in this RV accessory shop for more ideas!

Heavy duty camp cooking equipment can add a unique experience to your next RV trip. Whether you’re cooking a full meal or just making coffee, few things are more satisfying than preparing your own food over an outdoor firepit.

Looking for other cookware suggestions or recipes? Join the conversation and see what other campers chose.