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Summer Camping: How to Stay Cool in the Heat

A summer camping trip is the best activity for most RV enthusiasts. You can have a good time in the woods, lakes, and roads as you explore what nature offers. However, you’ll need to prepare to deal with the summer heat, especially on the hot afternoons. The good news is that there are many ways to stay cool while camping in summer.

Camping in hot weather can deny you the fun you deserve, especially when you lack the camping gear to help you stay cool. When camping or driving your RV in the summer months, don’t forget to carry drinking water. You must also ensure that the RV has a functional air conditioning device for a fun camping experience.

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Here are the summer camping tips you should practice when RVing on a hot day.

Make Sure Your RV Has Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are essential devices in an RV when camping in summer. Maintain the rooftop AC units to prevent the build-up of normal condensation on the air conditioner. Usually, air conditioning units have drainage tubes to channel the condensation away from the roof. Performing regular maintenance will improve your AC’s efficiency.

Be Sure You’re Drinking Water

Drinking a lot of cold water during a summer camping trip keeps you cool and hydrated. You can carry a portable ice maker to enjoy cold drinks anytime you feel much heat. The cold drinks will lower your body temperature and keep you comfortable in the hot weather. Thankfully, many portable ice makes are available in shops and supermarkets.

Shade and Water Sports

When tent camping, consider setting up your tent under the shade. Trees will absorb the sunlight rather than the tent. As a result, you’ll stay cool. Do the same thing when car camping. You need to determine the sun’s path and ensure that you park the car or pitch your tent in the right place. Participating in water sports will also cool you down.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Your summer camping trip doesn’t have to be uncomfortable due to the summer heat. Consider drinking a lot of water, parking your RV under a shade, and ensuring that your air conditioner is in perfect working condition. You’ll enjoy summer camping even on the season’s hottest days. Nothing will stop you from having fun during summer.

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