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Tent Camping VS Campers: Which One is Right For You?

When preparing for a camping trip, you may contemplate using tent camping vs. campers. Making the decision is easy when you know the differences since both are good depending on your preference. However, if you have never camped, you may be confused when choosing between the two. Read on to decide which one is right for you.

Spending time on road trips will help you decide whether you will be unzipping your tent or opening the door of your RV in the national park. Knowing the critical difference is of great help. We may sound a little biased towards RV camping, but that shouldn’t hinder you from choosing the type of camping you prefer.

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Round 1: Set-Up

Both tent and campers have options with simple set-ups. It depends on you to make your preference when it comes to set-up. A tent will win if you need a quicker set-up, but pitching a large tent will take more time, space, and an extra person to help you.

However, packing every piece of the tent can be involving compared to RV. With RV, you are to get in and proceed with your journey, and setting it up needs just leveling and Hookups for electricity and water.

Round 2: Safety

Security is a factor to check before deciding on the type of camping. Protection from the element and wildlife is more effortless when you are aware of the surroundings. RVs are best if security is a concern.

RV camping is much safer than tent camping as it is easy to lock windows and doors in the middle of the night in case of intruders, unlike a tent, which is zipped with a simple zipper. Also, RVs are good as you can leave camp gear stored safely for departure.

Round 3: Price

When the price is the factor you consider, tent camping will be the option. That is because tents are cheap than a camper van. However, there are better deals when you hire an RV. Rv rentals can be affordable if you prefer car camping and you like treating yourself on a budget.

Do What Works For You

So, which ones work best for you, between tent camping vs. campers? Start with buying a tent and other accessories like an air mattress and sleeping bag for tent camping. If you prefer campers, start your journey quickly by renting an RV. You can choose a campervan or travel trailer for outdoor adventures. Just do what works perfectly for you.

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