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Towable Campers that Make Packing Easier

Every camping trip starts with a lot of packing. Your family may spend a considerable amount of time loading the RV, car, or both with everything you’ll need on your trip. For families with pop-up trailers, packing can be a challenge. As convenient as pop-ups can be, it’s nearly impossible to pack or unpack without completely opening the trailer before you’ve even left. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for towable trailers that allow for an easy packing process.

Towable trailers that don’t need to be “popped up” for loading are the perfect choice for a family in a hurry to get on the road. Several popular RV models offer the perfect balance between convenience, storage space, and comfortable floor plans for your camping trip. Which model is right for your family?

Unlike a pop-up trailer, these towable RVs don’t need to be set up for easy packing. Why not trade your pop-up for a more convenient model? #camperlife Click To Tweet

2018 Forest River Wildwood FSX

This towable trailer model averages 22-23 ft in length and can sleep 4-5 people. With a generous amount of floor space and plenty of room to move around, you’ll have no trouble packing all your supplies and food before you leave. Different models have different floor plans, but you’ll be able to find something suitable for your preferences. Available models include:

2019 Forest River Wildwood FSX

A newer version of the previous trailer, this model features a front bedroom, a queen bedroom, and a pull-out couch for a total of 4 sleeping spaces. The trailer also offers a walk-through storage area perfect for loading before departing on your trip. Check out a few photos of the interior here.

Best Vehicles for Towing

Once your trailer is fully packed, you’ll need a towing vehicle strong enough to handle your camper. Fortunately, these small trailers don’t need a hugely strong or massive car to tow them. A Jeep, a small SUV, or a small pickup truck l can easily pull your trailer to your destination. As long as your towing vehicle is well-maintained and in good shape, you have nothing to worry about.

Pro Tip: When you buy a towable trailer, make sure to ask if your car is strong enough to tow the RV. We offer small trailers that are easily towed!

Your Outdoor Adventures Begin Now!

For the perfect balance of luxury camping and convenient packing, consider an easily towable camper designed for a quick packing process. The whole family will appreciate the fast preparations, the comfort of a new RV, and the simplicity of packing.

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