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4 Best RV's For Full-Time Living

Life on the road is exciting when you invest in the best RV’s for full-time living. As many people strive to become homeowners, over one million people already live in RVs full-time. Even as a homeowner, buying an RV can help save on accommodation during trips. But with many RVs on the market, finding one for a full-time living can be tricky.

What are our best RVs for full-time living? 

Now that you’ve decided to embrace the full-time RV lifestyle, you might wonder what RVs should you consider for the course. Well, the best RV for full-time living needs to have all the essential supplies for your survival. Its floor plan needs to accommodate your entire family. Below are some of the RV options to consider.

  1. Classic Streamlines
  2. B Campers
  3. Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen
  4. Dutchman Astoria

1) Classic Streamlines

These RVs combine the versatility of the modern RV with the contemporary style of the 1930s. An excellent example of this RV is the Airstream Classic, which boasts remote lighting control, a residential-style kitchen, pull-out sofa, satellite radio, and a luxurious shower. However, it requires a tow vehicle and expensive repair and maintenance.

2) B Campers

If you don’t get along with large RV’s, a class B camper can be the best alternative to a travel trailer. The campers have the essential amenities for full-time RV living, such as propane hookups and solar battery technology. The good news is that some B campers have a higher tow power for pulling another trailer to add on space.

3) Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen

Another excellent RV for full-time living is the Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen. It has most appliances you’ll find at home and multiple slide-outs for more storage space. The good news is that it has several floor plans to choose from. Its features are high-efficiency ACs, stackable washer or dryer, and LED lighting systems.

4) Dutchman Astoria

The Dutchman Astoria offers several features to elevate your RV experience full-time, including a tall bedroom height. Many RV full-timers prefer this RV because of its five-inch barrel ceilings for additional space and a residential-grade kitchen. Its front aerodynamic caps also give it an outstanding design.

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Now that you know the best RVs for full-time living, you need to pick what suits all your needs. Ensure that the RV has all the amenities you need for your lifestyle. The good news is that you can find an RV that suits your RV lifestyle at Camperland.

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