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5 Boondocking Safety Tips

If you plan to go camping in a remote area with no sewer, water, or electricity hook-ups, you’ll need a few boondocking safety tips to stay safe. You might come across people who may make you feel uncomfortable, especially when boondocking alone in the wild.

What are some boondocking safety tips? 

Solo boondocking is an excellent way to explore and have fun away from home. However, it comes with many risks, including possible thefts and animal attacks. The good news is that there are measures to protect yourself while boondocking.

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Here are the safety tips for solo boondocking.

  1. Always Share Your Location With Someone
  2. Cover Your Windows
  3. Talk to the Locals
  4. Make Friends With Your Neighbors
  5. Carry Bear Spray or Mace

1) Always Share Your Location With Someone 

Always let your loved ones know where you are when solo boondocking. Let them know the time to expect listening from you every day. If something terrible happens, they will send the relevant authorities to the location they heard from you last.

2) Cover Your Windows

Drawing the shades in your van or camper prevents wandering eyes from watching you in your RV. If you camp in a car, you can use window coverings. Nobody will know that you are in the RV or car alone. Also, they can’t see your valuables from the outside.

3) Talk to the Locals

When camping in a place away from home, the locals can be great resources to answer your queries. You can ask them general questions during conversations without telling them your plans. They will address all your concerns and tell you the safest areas.

4) Make Friends With Your Neighbors

If other people are camping around you, consider visiting them and getting to know one another. Staying close to them can be helpful when something terrible happens. They will likely help you. However, consider moving on if the neighbors are unfriendly.

5) Carry Bear Spray or Mace

Camping in public land with bears around can be dangerous. If you visit such an area, carry a bear spray or highly powered mace. Please keep it in a safe and accessible place so that you can use it when danger lurks. You’ll have enough time to escape.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Post In Real-Time on Social Media

When boondocking alone, don’t let everyone on social media know your movements. Otherwise, you’ll become an easy target for bad people. Most people who camp full-time post about their experiences after leaving an area. If you do so, nobody will foretell your next move, reducing the risks of attacks.

Stay Safe While Boondocking

These boondocking safety tips can help you stay safe, even if dry camping seems an overwhelming experience. It’s always a good idea to select the safest boondocking spot, like a national forest or state park, to reduce the risks of attacks. You can install an alarm system to scare away burglars. Most importantly, always trust your gut.

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