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5 Common RV Myths

People are bound to run into some common RV myths that lead them to make decisions based on inaccurate information. But traveling around in your RV brings a particular joy that arouses relaxation and adventure at the same time. 

What are some common RV myths? 

The RV industry has recorded many myths that steer people away from the adventure-filled world of RVing. The truth is that traveling in an RV is not only fun, but it is more accessible than ever.

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Here are the most common myths you should know.

  1. “Any truck can pull any RV.”
  2. “Four seasons campers can stay warm all year long.”
  3. “Motorhomes have terrible gas mileage.”
  4. “You need a special license.”
  5. “Model numbers indicate the length of the RV.”

1) “Any truck can pull any RV.”

This is not true. Every vehicle comes with a pull rating that specifies how much weight you can tow behind your truck. Therefore, don’t assume that just because you have a car means you can haul any trailer you want. Pulling beyond the stipulated limits can put your truck and other travelers at risk.

2) “Four seasons campers can stay warm all year long.”

The information can be misleading. Regrettably, there aren’t any RVs that will stay warm enough to last all four seasons. Your RV will still get cold inside during lengthy periods in freezing temperatures. You are also risking the chance of water lines causing damage by freezing. That’s why it is essential to winterize your RV.

3) “Motorhomes have terrible gas mileage.”

The current motorhome’s gas mileage is much better than you would think. RVs are not fuel-efficient like ordinary passenger vehicles due to their more considerable weight. But, there is a notable improvement for the past few years that has translated to better mileage.

4) “You need a special license.”

The RV myth is false. You don’t need a special license to drive most motorhomes. You don’t need to have a special permit in most countries for RVs below 26 thousand pounds or towed vehicles under ten thousand pounds. Some specific RV license requirements are to be kept in mind depending on the vehicle’s weight.

5) “Model numbers indicate the length of the RV.”

Many people believe that an RV model number located at the door of an RV tells how long the motorhome is. This is commonly not the case. That being said, some brands integrate the RV length in the model’s number, but most don’t. So it is good not to assume.

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Now you know the most common RV myths. If you have been thinking of buying an RV but have been holding it back, it is due time to own one now without worrying about the busted myths. It is the best gift you can get for your family due to its numerous benefits.

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