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5 Lies About RV Life

When you are new to RVing, you may not distinguish the truth and lies about RV life. You’ve probably performed a quick online search and seen several tips about the dos and don’ts in full-time RVing. However, before trying the tips, try to find out if they are true.

What are some common lies about RV life? 

As an RV travel beginner new to the game, you shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear about RVing without verifying them. Some are true, while others are lies. Knowing the lies will help you avoid many RV mistakes that can be costly.

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Here are some of the lies about RV life on the road. 

  1. “You need to use a black tank treatment”
  2. “All RVers are partiers”
  3. “Don’t travel with a full tank”
  4. “You need camping memberships”
  5. “It’s okay to travel with your propane on” 

1) “You need to use a black tank treatment”

You’ve probably heard that the purpose of the black tank treatment is to break down the solids 100%. However, that’s not the treatment’s primary purpose. The truth is that the treatment can help you eliminate smells from your toilet, but it’s not a must as not everyone has to get rid of smells.

2) “All RVers are partiers”

Seeing people partying on RVs doesn’t mean that all RVers are partiers. Although many people love partying, you can enjoy many other RV experiences out there during an RV trip. You can live a normal life and make friends during the trips.

3) “Don’t travel with a full tank”

You can travel on your RV with a full tank so long as it doesn’t exceed your RV’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Each RV has a GVWR, which is the weight your travel trailer can support when fully loaded. For that reason, it’s important to know your RVs GVWR.

4) “You need camping memberships”

That is not true. You don’t have to run out to get any camping membership right at the beginning. You only have to subscribe to the membership when you are sure it will be beneficial. Otherwise, you don’t need to waste money on unnecessary monthly payments.

5) “It’s okay to travel with your propane on”

Going on a road trip with your propane on can be disastrous when an accident occurs. Propane is highly flammable and can cause an explosion when ignited by sparks during an accident. So, if you value your safety, consider traveling with the propane tanks closed.

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