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Common Misconceptions About RVing

You’ve probably heard some funny things about RVs, and you might be wondering if they are RVing misconceptions or facts. For example, some people say that RVs are for older people, but that’s not the truth. This guide explores common misconceptions about RVing.

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What are some RVing misconceptions? 

Nothing is more exciting to a traveler than an RV road trip. The common misconceptions about RVing may prevent you from maximizing the benefits of an RV life. So it’s essential to distinguish the myths and facts about the RV lifestyle.

Here are some of the misconceptions about RVing. 

  1. “RVs are for retired people.”
  2. “RVs are expensive.”
  3. “RVs are only meant for vacations.”
  4. “You can’t take RVs into the city.” 
  5. “You have all the freedom to travel in the summer.” 
  6. “RVs are not pet-friendly.”
  7. “You can’t work in an RV.” 

1) “RVs are for retired people.”

There is no doubt that most retirees enjoy full-time RV living, but younger people also seem to enjoy the RV life. The RV Life Magazine reports that millennials travel 30 percent more than other generations. RVs are ideal for people of all ages.

2) “RVs are expensive.”

Luxury RV models can cost thousands or millions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean they are the only RVs on the market. You can buy cheaper or budget-friendly RVs and enjoy your RV experience—a new RV travel trailer costs between 11K and 35K.

3) “RVs are only meant for vacations.”

Not every day you spend on an RV is a vacation. RVs can be useful for various things. Even the full-time RVers usually have some days off to perform maintenance checks and other RV-related tasks. Periodic repairs are also essential for RV living. 

4) “You can’t take RVs into the city.”

It is no doubt that RV travel in the city can be challenging, especially on a long RV travel trailer or a fifth-wheel camper. You’ll find many obstructions, including narrow bridges and streets. But, that doesn’t stop you from taking your RV to the city.

5) “You have all the freedom to travel in the summer.”

Over 50 percent of Americans usually travel during summer. So, the chances are high that the campgrounds will always be full in summer, and you might have to book space early to secure a site. Avoid a last-minute rush by reserving your space in advance.

6) “RVs are not pet-friendly.”

RVs are pet-friendly. You can go on a road trip with your pet without worrying about your RV. However, if you are making a reservation at the campground, inquire if they permit pets on the ground. Some RV parks usually have restrictions on pets.

7) “You can’t work in an RV.”

No one should lie to you that you can’t work in an RV. With remote work growing in popularity, many RVers can work while on the road. Many full-time RVers in their 30’s and 40’s are working on the road.

Consider the RV Lifestyle

Now that you know all the RVing misconceptions and facts, you can take full advantage of RV life. Don’t be afraid to take your RV to the city or carry your pet along. If you need to travel frequently in summer, make reservations in advance to avoid inconveniences.

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