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4 Questions to Ask an RV Service Provider

So, you finally bought that camper you’ve been eyeing. You may be tempted to start packing for a cross-country adventure right away. But don’t take off quite yet! Before you leave, you need to know where to take your RV for repairs and routine maintenance. It’s time to choose an RV service center.

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Selecting an RV Service Center

Finding a reliable service provider isn’t as simple as a quick Google search. While there’s no shortage of camper repair centers, the trick is finding one you can trust to provide excellent service and to work with you for the long term. Before partnering with any particular repair shop, go over these key questions:

  1. Can you accommodate my insurance claim?
  2. Do you honor every warranty?
  3. Do you offer mobile maintenance?
  4. How long will repairs take?

1) Can You Accommodate My Insurance Claim?

Not every repair center can accept your RV insurance as a form of payment. Worse, some don’t handle insurance claims of any kind. Either situation can leave you in a bad spot while you hunt for someone to fix your camper. Discuss the details of your insurance and the provider’s acceptance or lack thereof.

Pro Tip: Your RV’s insurance coverage will likely depend on whether or not you own or are financing your camper. See if repair centers can accommodate different methods of insurance for repairs.

2) Do You Honor Every Warranty?

Plenty of RV service centers refuse to repair campers that were purchased elsewhere. However, a trustworthy repair center will accommodate any brand, make, or model of camper and communicate with the manufacturer as necessary on your behalf. Find out how a particular center handles warranties and how willing they are to work with you.

3) Do You Offer Mobile Maintenance?

For a truly lifesaving service, find a repair shop that offers mobile maintenance. Pay a mileage charge to have RV technicians come to you to perform repairs or maintenance as needed. This can be invaluable if your camper breaks down and leaves you stranded! Don’t get stuck on the side of the road–ensure you have emergency backup.

4) How Long Will Repairs Take?

An RV that needs extensive work may have to stay with the mechanic for a while. However, your biggest concern may not be how long the job itself will take, but how long you’ll have to wait for the job to actually get done. Some repair centers will put you on a months-long waiting list or, worse, check your RV in for repairs and then ignore it for weeks. Aside from delaying your camping trip, this is simply dishonest. Don’t let yourself be without your camper because a repair shop can’t be trusted!

Finding a Trustworthy RV Mechanic

Don’t let the seemingly daunting task of finding a reliable RV service center overwhelm you. Once you find someone you can trust to take good care of your camping trailer, you’ll have peace of mind every time you set off on a new trip.

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