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Clean Your Camper: RV Spring Cleaning Guide

After de-winterizing your RV for spring break, you probably still have some spring cleaning to do. With the camping season just around the corner, get a head start on having your camper look clean and new for road trips with the family.

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What are some useful spring cleaning tips for your RV?

Besides the regular upkeep of a clean travel trailer, keeping a spring cleaning checklist is just as valuable. Keeping your camper in top condition and having it maintained regularly is especially important if you want to someday sell your RV. Your RV’s kitchen and bathroom should get a good deep cleaning, the living area should be tidied and organized, and a general wipe down of the RV interior will get it ready for a great time on the road.

  1. Bedroom
  2. Bathroom
  3. Living Room
  4. Kitchen

Clean Your Camper: RV Spring Cleaning Guide Camperland Trailer Sales

1) Bedroom

Get started on refreshing your vacation home on wheels by getting the winter sheets out and replacing them with lighter ones. Wash any blankets and mattress padding and let them dry out in the sun; hang pillows in the sun as well to freshen them. Vacuum the base of the bed and each side of the mattress itself. Dust the curtains and make the bed, and the sleeping area is ready to get cozy in.

2) Bathroom

To tackle an RV bathroom, start by spraying an eco-friendly shower-cleaning product that can sit while you tend to other areas. Pour a toilet cleaner into the bowl, let it sit, and scrub the toilet with a brush after 15 minutes. Wipe down the outside of the toilet with disinfecting wipes, including the floor around it. Discard any expired personal products and replace first aid supplies, then wipe down counters and sinks to finish up.

Pro Tip: Make cleaning the travel trailer’s shower easier in the long run by wiping down shower walls and doors each time the RV’s shower is used to prevent soap and dirt from building up on the surface.

3) Living Area

Your RV’s living area is going to be your family’s main gathering space, so you’ll want it to be neat and inviting upon the start of the trip. 

Make sure to dust all electronics and vents with a dust cloth, getting behind the TV as well. Wipe down living room surfaces like the entertainment area, cabinets, and even the walls. Rugs and throw blankets can be shaken out outside and left to sit in the sun for a moment to air out. Vacuum the sofa, including all the cushions and what’s underneath them. 

4) Kitchen

Coat the inside of the oven with a paste mixture of warm water and baking soda, allow it to sit overnight and scrub it off in the morning for a deep clean. Deep clean stove and range, scrubbing with a bristle brush under knobs and all. 

Don’t forget to clean the trash can; take it outside to fill with hot soapy water and use the RV’s water hose to wash it out. Clean out the pantry items that have expired, fridge items, and go through any drawers to clear the junk. Wipe all the surfaces down, using a sponge with dish soap for the fridge to get in all the crevices. 

Spring Cleaning Your Camping Trailer

It’s nice to freshen up after the gloomy winter season. Use these spring cleaning tips for your RV and enjoy your spring break, whether it’s a Texas road trip or traveling out of state!

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