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RV Leak Detection & Repair Using SealTech

Dealing with a leaky RV can be a difficult repair while you’re already on a camping trip, and will cause more frustrations the longer they’re left unaided. However, Camperland’s Seal Tech leak detection technology can help to resolve the issue and get your travel trailer back on the road.

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When it comes to water damage, you want to make sure the issue is prevented before it gets out of hand. Seal Tech’s leak detection technology can give you peace of mind knowing exactly where the root of the problem is. Make sure your camper is readily prepared for unruly weather when it needs to be.

The Importance of Leak Repair

Most of your travel trailer’s interior is likely made of wood and particleboard. These materials blister when moisture seeps in through an undetected leak. To repair these damages will be more expensive in the long run, making it crucial for RV owners to invest in trustworthy leak detection technology. 

Remember, water leaking into your camper means that air can get in, and out, as well. If RV roof leaks go unresolved, you could be losing your air conditioning or heating. This will spike your electricity costs, and while a temporary fix like duct tape might come in handy for your trip, fixing leaks correctly will save you additional expenses and trouble. 

Leak Detection Steps to Take

It’s recommended to have your RV inspected for leaks 3-5 times a year, depending on the materials of its’ roof and siding. Getting an inspection before you hit the road for your next big camping trip is always advisable to be on the safe side. A reputable RV service department can see to your travel trailer for regular maintenance, making sure your camper has no danger of leaks before you start to travel. 

How SealTech Can Help

With Camperland’s SealTech leak detection technology, your RV will be filled with high-pressure air that forces its’ way through any leaks. Then the RV’s exterior is washed down with soapy water–this step is important. The technicians will then watch to see where bubbles begin forming as the air escapes through the suds. Once all of the problem areas have been found, the repair team will get to work on sealing them for good. 

Pro Tip: Even though leaks from a vent are common, bubbles forming around a window seal indicate a problematic leak. Seek a solution immediately if you suspect this is the case.

Keeping RV Leaks Under Control

An RV leak repair can be avoided with the right preparations beforehand. Make sure your trailer is being serviced regularly and keep maintenance up to date. For dependable and easy leak detection and repair, consider Camperland’s SealTech for your RV!

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