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RV Safety: Planning for Your Road Trip

As a home on wheels, your RV gives you the chance to explore the country and camp in style just about anywhere you want. But starting your next RV road trip isn’t as simple as only driving off. Any experienced camper knows that driving and maintaining a recreational vehicle requires a lot more work than a typical car. For a safe and enjoyable camping trip, take the time to draw up a plan.

Planning for your camping trip involves packing, shopping for food, updating your medical kit, and more. But what about your RV itself? This massive vehicle requires upkeep before you leave and care while you’re driving it. Here are just a few things to check on your camper before you leave.

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Before You Leave

Before you hit the road, take your RV in for a checkup. The last thing you want is engine trouble to strand you in the middle of nowhere. Have your RV service center check for leaks, damage, and other potential issues.

Once you know your RV is good to go, double-check your emergency equipment. You should especially focus on your RV’s first aid kit and roadside emergency kit–both can be lifesavers! Replace expired medicine or supplies in your first aid kit and inspect your spare tire for any wear and tear. Make sure you have jumper cables, a powerful flashlight, an air compressor, and flares for emergencies.

While You’re Driving

RV safety extends to your driving experience too. Since a camper is significantly bigger and heavier than a car, you’ll find yourself needing more time to stop and more room to turn. NEVER tailgate other cars while driving an RV! Give yourself plenty of room for error. Remember that your RV’s also means that heavy winds could destabilize you or cause you to swerve. Be mindful of how you move.

Pro Tip: Defensive driving is especially important when you’re driving an RV. You’re one of the bigger vehicles on the road now! Take care to keep your own passengers and the others on the road safe.

Preparing for a Safe Trip

A safe RV road trip doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep your emergency supplies ready to go and pay attention to any signs of trouble in your camper. Practice driving your RV to get a feel for how it moves on the road. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

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