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Year-Round RV Maintenance

You wouldn’t want your RV to break down unexpectedly during a trip to one of the most remote areas. Thankfully, we’ve prepared a list of year-round RV maintenance tips to help you keep your RV in good working condition. Keep reading to learn more!

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Maintaining your RV can help you avoid unexpected mishaps that can ruin your travels. So, we are about to share the tips that should be part of your RV maintenance plan. If you haven’t included some of these tips into your schedule, consider adding them. Now, let’s find out how you can maintain your RV.

RV Engine Maintenance

If you are lucky to own a diesel-powered recreational vehicle, you need to maintain the engine regularly to extend its lifespan. Here are the tips to keep your RV engine in good shape.

  • Use a high-quality oil with a recommended viscosity for your engine
  • Change the oil filters regularly to prevent potential engine damages
  • Change oil and lubricate engine chassis at regular intervals
  • Drain the water separators in your diesel engine
  • Replace the air, fuel, and coolant filters regularly

Without regular maintenance, your RV engine can wear and tear out quickly, reducing its lifespan. If you find it hard to maintain your RV engine, hire professional RV repair to help.

Exterior Maintenance

Some of the exterior RV parts you need to maintain are the roof, tires, and slides. If your RV has slide-out rails, consider lubricating them once or twice every year. That will protect them from wearing out due to rust or corrosion.

Here are the maintenance tips for RV roofs and tires:


  • Cover the roof with RV carport to protect it from direct sunlight
  • Clean your RV roof regularly, checking the seams and seals in every six months
  • Repair or patch any leaks present on the roof using the right sealant


  • Keep the tires inflated at all times to the recommended pressure
  • Check for heavy wear on the tires before you hit the road
  • Ensure you tighten the lug nuts to the right torque settings

Interior Maintenance

As a full-time RVer, cleaning your RV interior routinely is the best way to keep it sparkling clean and beautiful. Here are some cleaning tips to consider:

  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors routinely
  • Replace the bed sheets before going for the next trip
  • Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen spaces

Besides cleaning the interior, ensure you stock all the necessities you’ll need during the trip. Such items include toilet paper rolls, batteries, and extra light bulbs. Also, check if carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are in place.

Pro Tip: Fifth wheels, travel trailers, and campers all have different layouts. It’s important to know how your specific RV works! 

Keep Your RV Ready to Go!

With these year-round RV maintenance tips, you can keep your recreational vehicles in great shape. If you find it hard to perform some maintenance practices, you can hire an expert RV technician to help you. Before you hit the road, ensure you pack all the RV supplies you’ll need, including RV battery chargers. Enjoy your RV travels!

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