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RV Mistakes: 4 Things Not to Do on Your Camping Trip

Camping is an adventure for first-timers and experienced RV owners alike! It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to spend time together and explore new areas. That being said, it’s easy to make a few mistakes on your trips, especially if you’re new to the RV lifestyle. Have you made any of these glaring errors on a trip?

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Planning the Perfect Camping Trip

Planning a camping trip is generally pretty straightforward. However, it’s easy to forget a few important details during the planning process. Don’t let yourself slip up on these important factors:

  1. Forgetting to plan ahead
  2. Not making reservations
  3. Improper packing
  4. Focusing on unimportant things

1) Forgetting to Plan Ahead

While it’s important to leave room for spontaneity on vacation, don’t feel like you have to improvise your every move. Research landmarks along your planned route and decide what looks interesting enough to check out. Prepare easy-to-make food ahead of time and make a detailed shopping and packing list of everything you could possibly need. And first-time RV owners: practice driving, backing up, and maneuvering this massive trailer! It’s a new experience and you want to know exactly what you’re doing.

2) Not Making Reservations

Depending on the time of year you’re traveling, your destination RV park may be full or not have hookups available for you. Always call ahead first and make sure there’s room for you. The last thing you want is to show up and be turned away from a full campground!

3) Improper Packing

Things shift in a moving vehicle, and the food and supplies you pack for a camping trip are no exception. Make sure to pack everything safely and securely before you get on the road. Improperly stored luggage could sustain damage or, worse, break something in your RV as it’s tossed around on the drive. Don’t let that happen.

Pro Tip: As you pack, distribute the weight evenly across your RV’s floorplan. This will help you drive more smoothly since the weight isn’t unbalanced.

4) Focusing on Unimportant Things

Finally, remember that this RV trip is a time to have fun and be with your loved ones. Don’t waste your time looking for the perfect campsite that doesn’t exist, or trying to cook a five-course dinner in a fire pit. Take full advantage of this time to relax and try new things. You won’t regret it!

Enjoy Your Trip!

As your next camping trip approaches, take the time to prepare every possible detail. The more planning you do ahead of time, the less you’ll have to scramble on your trip. Enjoy your introduction to RV life!

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